Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lots to blog about!

Remember these flowers I got from my daughter and her family on Mother's Day?

Here they are fact there are some white ones blooming too that weren't in this picture.
I've been cleaning and organizing..........
especially my bedroom and my yarns..........I sit and stitch here during the day sometimes as there is a window above the chair that lets in lots of natural light and in the evening there is a great floor lamp that works well.  I put an old picnic basket next to the chair for my WIPs (works in progress) and I also can grab it and take it to the knitting group as is.  What I like about it is it stands by itself where my other project bags fall over and my projects get tossed around.
I used my old farm bench for some of my yarn storage.....organizing my stash is another WIP!

I've been baking in baking powder biscuits...........
Those brown spots are where the milk that I basted them with splashed....I might skip that step next time.
I took a hint from Pillsbury and froze some on a cookie sheet before baking and popped them in a freezer bag after they were frozen.  Now I always have them on hand to use whenever....although that might not be a good thing.
I also tried using wheat flour in my pie crust and just pressing it out with my fingers as opposed to rolling it out.  It was fast, saved a lot of mess and clean up and tasted just fine to me.  It was for a spinach quiche.
The wheat flour gives it a crunchier texture which I sort of enjoyed.  The crust and quiche recipe and the biscuits are all on my food board on Pinterest. They were both Martha Stewart recipes.  Although  I think Martha makes things more complicated than they need to be at times.
I have been busy as you can see and yesterday I mowed and today is Wal-mart.  I'm also walking my 3-5 miles when the weather cooperates and I journal an hour each morning which is my spiritual connection.  I'm trying to  "live the life I imagined" and take care of myself and the girls (Nitty, Annie and Grace) at the same time.  You HAVE to retire in order to do this as it is a full-time job in itself! LOL!
 Oh, I also checked the oil and tires and filled the tires on mower and car a bit and cleaned the mower and filter of grass but it needs a good's like the never-ending never-ending list of things to do.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

YOP Sunday

Happy Sunday!  I have some interesting pictures for you LYS! 
The round table is where we have classes.  In fact it was ready for our crocheted jewelry class that I had signed up for. nice not to have to order them online when I need them.
All kinds of yummy yarns and fibers...........
There are books you can borrow and magazines and notebooks brimming with patterns of all sorts.
There's also a big rectangular table in the middle of the room where we all gather to talk and knit and crochet or whatever.........
I 'm making progress on the gusset of my sock but didn't really work on it too much this week as I worked on the blanket KAL and I had my class plus day to day chores which have been taking center stage with Spring cleaning.
Here' s the KAL and this is such a fun project to work on.  I can watch t.v. yet each square is individual so even if you do mess up you can just unravel and do that one square over.  I am just having the best time with it and although easy it's not boring.....LOVE!!!!!  I highly recommend this pattern.  There is no web site but it is called Rambling Rows Afghan and is from Cottage Creations in Carpenter, Iowa 50426-0070.   I'm sure you could ask your LYS for it as they have many patterns available besides this one.
This is the result of my crocheted jewelry class.  If I do it again I would use a smaller crochet hook but it is fun and fast although I'm doing some decoupage on the heart and earrings to match for my daughter's birthday so I will be taking another class to finish the set.  Below you can see the paper I will use for the heart and then the little round ones for matching earrings with the same red and black beads.
The bottom part is my work and the top part is a pre-made heart chain I added to make it longer.  There were 4 of us in the class and we laughed and had a great time!
That's all for this week!  The sun has finally come out so it's back to walking and mowing now after all the rain we've had.  I hope you are "high and dry" where you are and enjoying this Spring!
Happy Trails!