Sunday, November 23, 2014

YOP Week #21

I missed last week for a number of reasons....I was sick.  Sick of a lot of things.  I was sick of starting over all the time, I was sick of following directions exactly and it still not turning out and I was sick of  working on presents for others and yes I had a fever and a cold too.
But sometimes when a door closes a window opens or is it vice versa?  Anyway, it all worked out wonderfully and I have a new plan, a new attitude, a new lease on life and all is right with the world again. 
So, I am going to bore you with my epiphany.  I believe that when you get sick either mentally, physically or things are just not going right for you that you need to examine I did and I came up with the conclusion that things were out of balance.  Too much giving to others and not enough to myself  (it's always one extreme or the other isn't it).  Too much emphasis on one craft and not balancing it out with the other things I love to do.  Having a bucket list and dreams but not doing a single thing towards them for weeks or months. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I am enjoying each moment but I really think I am attention deficit.   Therefore, I have all these things I love to do and make and create but I flit from one to the next to the next and nothing really ever gets accomplished.  But on the other hand I can be very self-disciplined if I have a plan.....keyword....PLAN!
So, here it is....THE PLAN:

1.  List all the crafts you enjoy doing
 For me it was quilting, sewing, cross stitch, embroidery, punch needle, paper crafts, rug hooking, knitting, crocheting and miscellaneous crafts.

2.  I have Outlook on my PC but you can use a notebook or a piece of notebook paper.  Under each of the craft categories, I listed what I was currently working on and what was the next step I needed to do,such as:
Knitting - finish Tracy's hat.  The rule is I have to finish Tracy's hat before I can start any other "knitting" project.  And I also have to do some work on Tracy's hat before I can move on to the next craft on the list.  Being ATDD (if I am?) means I cannot really sit and work on something for hours and hours.  Now I can if there is a difficult problem to solve like when I worked on computer systems but although I'm not that good at some of these crafts it's still not the level of complexity that really grabs my attention for hours at a time.  So, after I work on Tracy's hat, let's say the next category is sewing....I don't have a project in sewing at the moment so I get to pick one!  Yay!  After choosing a sewing project, I move on to the next category and when I come around to sewing again it will probably be to gather materials for the project.  So you see,  it satisfies my need to have lots of projects going on but also keeps me from getting too confused by having so many projects going on! LOL!  In my dream world, I would get to work on each of these categories every day but then there would be no clean clothes or food to eat etc.  So, they just rotate as time allows but as you can see when time does allow, I don't waste it floundering around wondering what I should work on.

3.  No deadlines!  Self-imposed or otherwise.  It takes the joy out of making things.  When I work on things for myself or others I want to be injecting the love and wonderful feelings I have for that person or animal or plant.  I don't want to be resentful in any way.  If water can absorb emotions then fiber can too!  I only want healing and loving thoughts to go into the hat that will sit on my SIL's head or the scarf that will be around my daughter's neck or the stuffed animal that my grandson will hold next to him.  So, there will be gifts bought and the handmade will arrive whenever chock full of nurturing feelings!  No extra shipping charges for all those good feelings either.

4.  No jumping the line on projects unless something awful happens and you need a purchase or a new project to soothe yourself or someone else. that's the plan for now and I just came up with it so there will be refinements along the way and you will be witnesses to how well it works for me but it's worked in other areas so I'm hoping this will go swimmingly!  Feel free to call me on the carpet too if you see me breaking my own rules. for the YOP's which will be current projects only (according to the rules! LOL!)
This hat doesn't look much farther along than last week but actually it was frogged and restarted again......effort #13...I'm thinking this might be my lucky number!   Long story but let's just say that not all You Tube video techniques are compatible with each other.  But I have definitely learned a lot...several times over it seems.
Remember this book I couldn't wait to delve into and make those doilies on the cover?   
well........what's wrong with this picture?  Part of the reason for The Plan....I counted every stitch, I consider myself a well versed crocheter so did I have a fever when I crocheted this?  You be the judge.  BTW, I do love me some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino!  Oh yeah!
The doilie will stay this way and maybe that's why we see those antique doilies with the ruffles?  Like me maybe they just weren't about to tear it out and start over! LOL!  I also used the exact yarn required and hook size but it turned out pretty small so I'll be going up in hook size next time.
I turned away from the yarn projects for a few days (can you blame me?????) and got back into quilting....just some scraps for a little doll quilt........
But then I ran across so many other projects I wanted to do and "that old feeling" for quilting started to come back so...I ordered some material..........on Ebay....Historical Blender's fat quarters....Oh, I love me some polka dots....not too dull, not too bright....just right! Notice there was nothing in THE PLAN that stated you couldn't order supplies.....I made sure of that! LOL!
I did have a wild thought of making crochet blocks like the quilt blocks and we'll see how that turns out.
I hope you had a wonderful week and that you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the U.S. although you never need an excuse for getting together with friends and family and sharing good food......but Thanksgiving does take it to a new level.  Don't forget to donate to your local food bank so everyone can partake and it goes without saying to "spread that attitude of gratitude"!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Trails!


  1. How good your epiphany led you to a workable plan. I like not setting deadlines. If you see my post today, of some knit projects I bought, each one comes with a tag "Knit with love and prayer in every stitch" which makes them precious to wear and this attitude of joy fits with your plan.

  2. A brilliant plan. When you are just 'not happy' with your crafting it's good to sit back and go back to basics. Good luck finishing the hat, I think when that is done you will get your va va voom back!!

  3. I'm glad you were able to find something that works for you...this week I have been working on wips..and doing a good job...

  4. awesome working mout a plan that suits you,good luck.xx

  5. It sounds like you have come up with a great plan. I am always happy if I get something accomplished every day, doesn't matter what it is. That's been my plan since I retired a couple of years ago.

  6. OMG You sound just like me ! My Mum said I have a Grasshopper brain...always jumping from one thing to another. I have a long list of projects to do but end up making something not on my list ! Take care now and try not to exhaust yourself trying to do too much. Marion xx

  7. I really need to do what you suggested and make a list of crafts and sewing. I get overwhelmed...I use that word way too much. I like to be 'in the mood' for some sewing but that's not always the case when I need something finished for a gift. And the doily looks very sweet like it is. I have seen people dampen them and stretch them out over cardboard, securing with straight pins. Then they will lay flat...sometimes! Hope you feel good this week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. I love the idea of a doll quilt. You have solid goals and organizational thoughts here.

  9. Nw Rules, I should bookmark them so I can remind you. lol I hope you are feeling better. I have just been spinning my wheels again..I will need a plan after Christmas...not before because well I must clean the upstairs before I put the Shiny Brite tree will be my reward! I am working with is so much fun I feel almost guilty...oh and ordering beads can be an addiction. I hope you new plan works for you...and I love the thought of a nine patch crochet blanket...lots of piece work:)

  10. Wonderful rules! I also put unrealistic deadlines on myself at times. I think I can do more than I actually can accomplish and then I resent the project. Thank you for the advice you've given us today.

  11. I think when your not happy then it's time to change and a hobby should be there for enjoyment not a chore. I'm glad you've gotten some goals you are happy with. I love the doll quilt and the crochet squares look good.

  12. Sorry to read that you were sick.
    I hope you are well now, and stay that way!!

    I like your new attitude, and new way of organizing your projects.
    Most of all... I like your rule about no deadlines... that will make projects more enjoyable, surely.

    Sending you wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!!



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