Sunday, August 17, 2014

YOP Week #7

Yahoo!  Yippee!  I have enough yarn to do the second sock!  (crowd cheers)...I'll be casting on for that this week............the "weight" is over LOL!  But from now until the end of time I will be using Minding My Own Stitches method of measuring for sock length.  If I had used the method in the pattern it would have been way too big.  Here's her method and I quote....
"A word of caution about the socks. I usually aim for 10% negative ease for a well-fitted sock. For you 10-1/2 foot, you may want your sock to finish at 9.45" and should therefore start the toe section at about 7-1/2" inches. If in doubt, thread a lifeline soon so you can rip back if they end up too big.
Also, weigh your first sock on a kitchen scale and then weigh your remaining yarn. You'll know right away if you're going to run out!"

I used her method and they fit like a dream!  On to the second sock!
I finished the first of the 3 dishcloths for my son's housewarming present.  What is up with these small dishcloths?  Do these designers not wash dishes?  I'll be designing my own after this...stay tuned for "Retired Computer Scientist Turns Washcloth Designer"....more to follow.  Lots of purling in this one too.
I am thoroughly enjoying the shawl knitting and that was the same comment that had me chose this design for my first shawl.  I could sit and work on this all day. I am on row 84 of 118 so it won't be long now!  Except that each row gets longer and takes longer but with this project I will be sad to see it end.....I'll have to immediately start another one in order to prevent any lingering sadness.  Don't worry, I've already "faved" a bunch more shawl patterns. :)
I just have to weave in the ends on this size #3 of the boy's preemie hat.  One more in a newborn size for boys and I will have August taken care of.  As you can see, I am also out of yarn so I'll have to get some in another color this time to keep it interesting.
Remember I told you about all my new yarn that arrived?  Here's another part of it........
This is wool of the Andes Sportweight by Knit Picks for making my Millie  doll!
Her head is finished except for her hair and embroidered facial features and I'm on to the body.  So far so good and it's so much fun to see it take shape so quickly not like blankets or bigger projects that take months.  I am very pleased with the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes yarn and the Brittany wooden needles are a dream to knit with.  They might be my favorite so far and I have others that are more expensive.
In addition, I started a Lalylala pattern, Bina....the first of many, I think, as I am having fun with this one too.  I am not using the required yarn which is more a fingering weight.  I'm using a worsted weight so it will be much larger but I also need to use larger eyes.  I am at the point where the eyes need to be placed but I don't have any so I ordered a variety pack of black plastic safety eyes as I'm not sure what size to use.   I ordered from an Etsy shop in Maryland called 6060.  The price you see includes shipping so it might depend on where you live.  This was the only shop I could find that sold a variety of sizes in one package.  This will be handy for future projects too.

$7.88 USD
Purchased from 6060 on 16 Aug, 2014
I can't wait to start using the brown tweed yarn for the body of the bear.
That's my YOP project roundup for this week.  Happy Trails!


  1. You certainly are keeping busy with lots of great projects. I measure my washcloths by the length of my crochet hook. Not too big, not too small. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Wow... you have achieved so much... your new yarn has me hankering x

  3. Hurray! Count me in the cheering crowd! The sock fits and there's enough yarn for the second sock. Chalk up another yarn chicken victory!

    Both those amigurumi patterns look very cool. Can't wait to see what options you choose for the doll!

  4. WOW! My head is swimming with all the projects you have. I love all of then too. Your knit picks yarn is scrumptious looking and will be wonderful for the intended projects.

  5. Yayyyy for the socks, I'm doing a great big cheer over here. I'm smiling at the shawl as I know your going to be casting on shawls now everytime one ends, such is the addiction. I really am loving all the starts you have this week, such variety and interest and I'm with you on the cloths! I look forward to seeing the designs :)

  6. The shawls are such a great idea. Everyone likes these, no matter who they are or where they live. And handmade is always so special! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  7. Another great week of projects!
    Love the yarns!!

    You crack me up, with your thoughts on the dishcloths.
    You next ones will be just the perfect sizes :)

  8. I'm with you on the size of dishcloths, they are definitely better when bigger. I love the multi coloured yarn for your socks, it looks like confetti, it's so joyful.

    Autumn is on her way soon and I'm seriously eyeing up your tweedy brown yarn, it's so cosy.

    I've not knitted a shawl yet but your enthusiasm is catching, I may have to go on a pattern hunt.

  9. Yay for the second sock!! I LOVE the Bina pattern, it's so cute! It's added to my queue on Ravelry :D Your yarn additions are yummy, and you have me LOL about the dishcloths designers! Haha!

  10. Glad you had enough yarn for the other sock. Wonderful projects you have going.

  11. wowwwwwwwwwww
    you busy bee..
    and your new yarn is so yummy..
    hugs x

  12. Wow...lots of projects! Yeah I got bit by the shawl bug and have several on the needles...

  13. I'm so glad your socks have turned out so nicely (or will do). Love the shawl and they make such lovely presents. Your colours of yarn are gorgeous and I love the look of the doll.

  14. Great progress and I can't wait to see your toys!

  15. You are moving right along! Do you realize how far you have come with your knitting in the past year!! I am certain you will be able to design your own dishcloth! :)

  16. I keep forgetting that socks need negative ease, so my socks are almost always just a smidge too big. Just a smidge though - haven't yet made some I couldn't wear :)

  17. Fantastic purchases, and the shawl looks great. Everyone is knitting these gorgeous shawls now - it makes me think I should too! :)


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