Sunday, July 13, 2014

YOP Week #2

And what a week it's been!  For those of you who read my last post...Terminex has come and laid poison in boxes for the voles that the girls can't get into.  Also, the mouse came out the next day from under the bookcase and looked as tired and bedraggled as the rest of us.  Not sure if it was just exhausted or in the last throws of death but I was able to use a dustpan and get it outside.  I think he took a "wrong turn" and ended up in our house.  I'm sure he regrets that decision!  So, we've caught up on sleep and hopefully we're all recovered....including the mouse.
I spent a good portion of this week organizing my YOP lists for this year and past and what I noticed is....I had NO business even having a list this year! LOL!  I have so many WIP's and even projects that haven't been started from last year and the year before!  I need to be in some kind of a support group.  Oh, I am..... whew!  But what fun I had planning and organizing and not just online but I've got my yarns separated now and pretty organized.  I also made 3 notebooks for each YOP year with a list of that year's projects in the front and the patterns from that year.  I printed off patterns for this year until I ran out of printer paper and they're in plastic sleeves in the notebook for this year.  I have what's beginning to look like a "stash" yet I still need yarn for my projects....hmmm? 
Needless to say, between the organizing, the rodent adventure, no printer paper and a lack of appropriate yarn,  I didn't exactly set my projects afire but I do have an FO!  Just a small one and a look at the projects I'll be starting as soon as my ship yarn comes in.
I started out making a set of 3 dishcloths for my son who just bought his first house, as a housewarming present for him.  It was fine until I added the picot edging and that made it a little bit "fussy" so I decided my daughter would like them and she has a birthday coming up the 21st.
I like to give a set of 3 usually folded and tied with a ribbon
so I'm on to the second one for my daughter with different but coordinating colors..hopefully
Meanwhile I found this pattern for my son which I think he will like and I found some really nice Berroco yarn I'll be ordering today.  I'm also finishing up the little "orny" I'm making for my daughter and SIL for their anniversary......I saw this on Pinterest..........
 This afternoon I am hoping to whip up this little brooch for my daughter for her other birthday gift.
 My next cast on as soon as the yarns come in are for my little Millie.....for me............Millie is the one in the middle. Another Preemie  hat, the sweater for a KAL I just joined and will get my yarn for that this week hopefully and if there's any money left (in my I will be casting on this beauty.
I also actually worked on sewing up my old WIP chair pad too which really helped me rid myself of guilt for starting new projects.  Ha! Ha! I can't wait to see everyone's projects/progress this past week.
Happy Trails!


  1. Ah the chair pad! I can't wait to see it! So much iCord, but you've done it! And it's going to be so awesome. I think the iCord will make it really comfy and really durable, so it's well planned as far as that goes. Can you tell that I just can't wait to see it?!!

    For dishcloths I often pair them up with a handmade soap. I think your pattern choice for your son is perfect. In fact, I may have just added them to my queue :)

  2. I like the dishcloths, too and they are handy for everyone. I think I will try to finish a doll I started and then 'regroup'! heehee! Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs!

  3. Ah, waiting on yarn orders is just so hard when you have so many projects that you want to do RIGHT NOW! The chair pad is going to be so lovely and that is A LOT of icord. Congratulations on getting it all made. Your other projects are great and I love giving dish cloths as gifts too.

  4. Your dishcloths are lovely, and so nice to give as gifts, I am sure they will be appreciated. I hope you have a good week, and no wildlife issues to cope with!!
    Helen xox

  5. I really like the dishcloth you've made, but agree it's too fussy for a son!! The other cloths will be perfect. Can't wait to see your chair pad finished off.

  6. I really love the dish so cute....
    I hope you have a lovely week..
    Big hugs x

  7. Lol I did wonder if the chair pad was the dreaded length of icord and I was right it is but I still love it and can't wait to see it finished. Great selection of upcoming projects and I too love a set of 3 cloths, which is what I'll be supplying in my sets. I would love a blackberry salad cal, even with just the two of us. I will need to check out what yarn I want to do it in, have you an idea when you hope to start yours?

  8. I'm sure your daughter is gonna love those dishcloths. I have so many WIPs and I just can't stop starting new projects so I'm the same! X

  9. I really like the dish cloths. Lovely gift idea!

  10. I think my list for this year is mostly FINISH THINGS. I suspect it will be the same next year too!

  11. I love the added touch with the edging on the dishcloths. Very nice.

  12. No more vole/mouse in your house!! Yeah! I like your men care what they looks like? It will impress his gal! The clothspin...must have something to do with a cow...I don't "get" it but I used to be blonde before silver:)

  13. The dishcloth is pretty with the contrast of the chocolate brown and the white border. Glad the vole problem is on its way to being obliviated.

  14. Well, my goodness ... not only are you busy, but you throw adventure into the mix too...haha!
    Glad the rodent problems are all ironed out!!

    Congratulations to your son!!! That's a wonderful thing for him to get his first home!! Yay!!

    I think you are right... the plainer dish clothes sound much more manly for a boys kitchen :)

    Best of luck with all your projects.

    Happy Monday, dear friend.



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