Monday, April 21, 2014

YOP Monday

I's supposed to be YOP Sunday but I am behind per usual...and after my "too many pictures blog" on Friday, I am keeping this short and sweet.  Aren't you glad?

 The sock is coming along but that is the inside of it.  I don't remember this from before but that's because I made the cuff and then the body of the sock on circulars?  It looks good inside but one of my big mistakes last time was that I casually turned it so it was right side out and that is how I messed up because naturally then my knit stitches were backwards.......knitting is so much like life, you are constantly learning.  Some of the biggest lessons come when you actually think you know what you're doing.

 I was trying to take a picture of another project but Grace was just sure I was there to take her I did.
This is a new wash cloth pattern which I need to measure and it has an edging that needs to go around it.  I'm not sure what this stitch is called but I really like it.  I have a printed off pattern but I'll see if I can find it on Ravelry. 
Easter here was quiet and gorgeous but I changed sheets, did laundry and ironed and took calls from the family which was nice.  I fixed ham salad and some lemon bars........
An old favorite cookbook I've had since my children were small and I still love it.  The lemon bar recipe comes from this cookbook. 
And what a nice Easter surprise........I got hands and nose on some lilacs which I adore.
I hope you all had a nice Easter and Passover.  
Happy Trails!


  1. Loved all the pics, so overload at will!! The socks are looking gorgeous, love the yarn. Like the sound of lemon bars, I may have to look up a recipe.

  2. Our Lilac is just starting to bloom. Grace is such a pretty cat. Knitting washcloths must be a good way to test knitting stitches. Take care now. Marion

  3. Forgot to say please can you put the Lemon Bar recipe on your Blog ? I would like to try it. Many thanks. Marion

  4. The socks are looking great and mmmm lemon bars, I love lemon as you know. Easter here was quiet with beautiful weather.

  5. Lilacs have such a strong sweet scent. These are beautiful! And I still love the books by Mary E....they are fun to find second hand, too. Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs!

  6. Pictures are always good....hmm lemon bars...we just got some lemon/peppermint soap which smells luscious!

  7. Grace just wanted to be included. LOL The lilacs are beautiful. Love lemon bars. I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  8. Lilacs..I love them..spring is here when the Lilacs bloom! I bought some Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and tried a pattern which I I will tear it apart!
    Your socks are very pretty! :)

  9. Knitting socks inside out?! Cool thing! And those lemon bars look yummy!

  10. What a cute kitty! And don't you think the old cookbooks are often the best. And lilacs, wow! None here yet, it'll be a few weeks yet, and I do love them so.


  11. Sam,
    I really have to learn to make socks. So many pretty yarns out there.
    I see you are as busy as ever. Looks like an interesting cookbook in the picture.
    Nancy Jo

  12. Oh those Lilacs looks wonderful! I love how Grace picture-bombed you, Nala seems to love doing that as well whenever I take pictures! ..What's up with that kitty-kats? Happy to hear you had a nice Easter, I think mine was a bit same as yours.. lovely weather, a bit of housework and a bit of yummy stuff!


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