Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I think I need a nap............

This day started out good but has gone downhill since then.  Last night I messed up my sock so I went on to another project and messed that up then today I went and got ingredients for making crock pot corn chowder and 2 people in the store did not "hear"  me when I said no!  The chowder took all afternoon and it was supposed to be "easy" but then I only have one burner and I should have known since it required cooking an entire pound of bacon.  I wanted a quick crock pot dinner so I could paint today and work outside.  I just finished making it and cleaning up the mess and it's 5:15 p.m.  Sorry, I am definitely crabby today and I never get that way usually but I did go mingle with inconsiderate humans today so that is part of it, I'm sure.  Several people at the store uptown are very patronizing to older people and since I'm only 65 and not limping or using a walker I really do not appreciate it.  I know they think they are being helpful but it's insulting!  If I told the guy 3 times, I told him 4, that I did NOT want any help carrying my groceries out.  I tried to grab my 4 little bags and he refused and was out the door with a cart! And a customer behind me started unloading my groceries and going through them which again I said no but she "insisted".  I do not want strange people handling my food when they're not "food handlers".    What is it about the word NO that some people don't seem to understand?   And why is it that once you get a certain age people ignore you and you seem to lose all human rights?  I'm not stupid either.  I've programmed computer systems using machine code so I'm nobody's dummy but now I get treated like one.  Although, messing up 3 needle projects doesn't exactly make me look like Einstein.  I think I will blog what I had planned to blog tomorrow when I'm in a better mood.  OMG! Am I turning into one of those cranky old people?  Heaven help me!
Happy Trails to you......


  1. Oh no....I hope the corn chowder was worth it. We had lots of leftovers and froze 2 quart bags for later. That will be handy when we don't have time to cook. My day went downhill quickly, too. And it seems like it's been one thing after another all day long. I'm sorry the chowder added to your frustrations. Can I send you lots of HUGS...will that help? Your buddy...that's about the same age...Diane

  2. Too bad your day was so miserable.
    Sometimes people are just too helpful!
    Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day!

  3. Ha! You call this cranky? I would have stood my ground and announced that whoever touches my groceries besides the clerk could pay for them too.
    One way to fix those carry outs is to walk incredibly slow then next time they will leave you alone.
    I hope you are smiling now...and I hope today is a better day! :)

  4. I am 65 and no one offers to help me- even when I am wishing I had help.

    Some days are like that where nothing goes as planned.

    I hope May Day is a lovely day for you and that sock behaves so you can finish it.

  5. Arrrgh, that would drive me insane. You have every right to feel mad, people should listen to the answers of offers kindly meant.


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