Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!!

 One of my most favorite days of the year!  How do you celebrate it...if you do?  I decorate and here it is during the day.....
Same old ghosts I've used since my children were small.............
My Aunt Alice  made this ceramic jack o'lantern......
Here's what it looks like at night..........

Oh look!  Some Trick or Treaters dressed up like a Rottweiler and a miniature dachsund!  Great costumes!  So realistic!
 This is the house on the hill where the old witch lives!  Me! LOL! I'd like to think I'm a good witch but there might be some who would argue with that! LOL!
 I hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

YOP Sunday

Ta Da!!!!  I was able to restore my old files to Windows 8 finally and there's the graphic.  I'm still struggling with emails.  I downloaded Outlook and even saw my emails and then it disappeared!  But there's been some progress so that's a good thing. 
I have some FO's too and also plenty of WIP's .....
The little pumpkin on the right is an ornament that I'm making.  I want to have ornaments for each holiday on a little tree I have that I will leave up all year round.  This is the first Halloween ornament.  I got the free pattern over on the Lion Brand website and they have quite a few for Halloween.  They're also highly rated and easy...LOVE that!  This little pumpkin needs his/her face embroidered and a little stem/hanger.  Next up is a witches hat.  These count towards my "holiday" decorating and ornaments projects. 
 Below is a crocheted spa cloth.  It needs to be washed and blocked.  I want to use this one myself and see how it fares in the washer and dryer and see if I like using it before I "gift" it. (No, not the same one silly! LOL!  I'll make another to gift.)  It's crocheted and supposed to be great for exfoliating....God knows I need that! LOL!
I also finished this Grandmother's Favorite knitted dish cloth for my cousin for Christmas.  I told you about it last week and that she wanted a "bigger" size so instead of the 44 stitches cast on I cast on 64.
 You can tell it's a good size.  I'm making one for myself this week to see what size is comfortable for me and also washing and drying.  It may be that the smaller size shrinks?  Anyway, one Christmas gift done. 

 As for the Irish Hiking Scarf.....I finished the 3rd skein and it isn't big enough to throw over your shoulder (my test for a truly useful scarf in Winter).  I happened to have another skein "just in case" so I guess I'm not done with it yet.
Look at my leaves that are falling! I am having so much fun with these!  It took me a couple to get the gist of the pattern but now I can't stop!  I'm making a Fall garland with them using Noro Kureyon yarn.  One skein makes about 4 and you get different leaves each time which is SO cool!  I would not have been that attracted to the original pattern if it hadn't been for Dawn over at Fiddlesticks who was the one who thought to use the ever changing colors of the Noro Kureyon.  Brilliant!!!  Perfect for Fall leaves.
I have several more to make for my garland and then they all need to have their ends sewn in and definitely blocked and maybe even starched?  Has anyone ever done that?  I'm not sure I know how as it's wool yarn so I can't use spray starch and iron or can I?  Under a press cloth?  They tend to curl at the leaf tips..hmmm....just like real falling leaves! Ha! Ha!  Maybe I should "leaf" them be? LOL!  I know...that was bad.
The last one on the left is from a new skein in a different colorway but the other 4 are all from the same skein....amazing, huh?  I am having way too much fun with these!  Thank you so much Dawn!  Visit her website and you will be blown away by her creativity!  She makes gorgeous stuff!

Have a great Halloween week and stay safe.  May all your Halloween candy wishes come true with no cavities!