Sunday, May 26, 2013

YOP Update

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I have no idea where this day went...well, in a way I neighbors are moving and left today and there were people everywhere and noise and a visiting dog running around that was driving my girls crazy!  They finally left and things quieted down here but there was a lot of running to the door, watching them closer than usual when they were outside etc.  Anyway, before I knew it, it was 5:00 p.m. and now it's after 6:00!  So, without further ado............

Okay, this isn't on my YOP list for this year but there will be plenty of them on next year's list!  Wash cloths!
I just finished one and now I'm trying another pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting gals.  It's the Ball Band pattern and it's almost like magic as it makes it look like you've woven the strips of color.  They say to use a slip stitch to join colors but I'm not sure what that is so I tie a knot that wrong?   Anyway, I'm loving how it's turning out and also these "smaller" projects! LOL! 

This is a YOP 2012-2013 project...remember my crocheted edging I wanted to do?  Well, I finally ordered some fabric and I washed it and ironed it and now need to make pillowcases and THEN I will crochet edging on them.  The 2 fabrics on the left are the main fabric with the 2 on the right being the cuff.  I'm making 2 sets. 

Here are some yarns I laid out just to see what  might look good as an edging.  I haven't decided yet so you can vote! LOL!   
And yes, I am still working on the I-cord.....I have 13 feet of the 27 now....halfway there pretty much.  I thought I was further along but then realized I was stretching it when I was measuring.  What's that old saying?  Cheaters never prosper?  So true!
 This isn't a YOP project either but it's an excuse as to why I don't get more YOP stuff done! LOL!  I have a grandson who's birthday is in July....actually 3 who have birthdays in July!  I made one of these for one of them and now I'm making this for another.  It's a quilted grow chart with a panel in the middle.  You can sort of see it on the right side there.  The first one I made took forever to have machine quilted so I will be quilting this one myself when it's done.  Plus, it will save a lot of money but I best hurry it up as July will be here before I know it!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  I mowed Friday, I have flags out stuck in my flower pots and on the porch and hotdogs, beans and buns for tomorrow and another side dish I haven't decide on yet plus a dessert.  I better go eat supper....I'm making myself hungry!  I'll be by eventually!