Sunday, December 29, 2013

YOP Sunday

Here we are again!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  The knitting angels have come and taken up residence here with me.  You'll understand when you see my pictures.  This one is off to that grandson who helped me with the kindling and cookies on Thanksgiving.
It feels like I've crossed a threshold of some kind in my knitting.  I know hats are a no-brainer to most of you but it's the quality of my stitches that has's like I'm a REAL knitter even feels different...more relaxed and flowing.  I'm sure I'll have many challenges ahead of me in this "Adventure in Knitting" and before it was touch and go if I would continue but it is a sure bet now!

I also found these free printable tags on Pinterest  here

I printed mine on white paper and backed it with another printed paper.  The one on the website is nice as she used a tan paper. I only had cheap printer paper to use but card stock would be nicer.  I liked the way she wrapped the label around the socks or mittens.  It looked so "retail".  I also liked that it had a place for the care instructions.  You could probably edit the label and print the instructions but per usual I was in a hurry. LOL!
I was trying to do some projects I had saved on Pinterest and made these treats to send with....easy peasy with store bought Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and I did some pretzel rods too.
I still prefer the old homemade Christmas cookies and I'll be baking some of those this week.  Here's everything wrapped up and ready to go.  I told you it was the 12 months of Christmas around here. LOL!
I'm already down the road on another hat....this one is for one of my matches the the scarf in color but the scarf is still going so I thought I would get this done and sent out and then finish the scarf.  The scarf hurts my hands so I can't work on it all the time like I can the hat.  No more bulky yarn for me!
 This is another pattern from the Purl Soho Basic Hat Pattern.  Just a roll brim in stockinette which allows me to watch all those Hallmark Christmas movies and still get knitting done.  I think I'm on a roll here!
Happy New Year!


  1. Your knitted hats are nice. Right now I'm giving my hands a rest. They are so sore from crocheting and knitting and baking.

  2. Oh yay, I remember that feeling you describe of finally feeling like a real knitter. Thanks for the link to the labels - I like those.

  3. Yayyyy to the hat it's gorgeous your grandson is going to love it and your right the stitches are looking great. It's always the simple hats which are the hardest as you've nowhere to hide with your stitches so all are on show. I'm glad you feel you've turned a corner and will continue with it :)

  4. Oh, your hat turned out beautifully! I remember, clearly, when I hit that point of feeling like a real knitter--it is a wonderful feeling, isn't it? I hope you had a cozy Christmas day and that your able to treat yourself to something special. I have been so off the grid since Thanksgiving that I have just managed to see that your sons and grandson visited! How very special and how cute is that little grandson? The joy just shone from your face in the picture you posted of you guys baking cookies.
    Happy New Year wishes to you Sam...

  5. Your hats are finished beautifully and the tags will set them off perfectly!

  6. I love your knitted hats. You are an awesome knitter now. Maybe next year you should go back and try a couple of those patterns that frustrated you in 2013. I bet you'd fly through them effortlessly now.

    My Christmas baking was a total fail. Your sprinkles look so cute!

  7. Such a cute hat! And I agree, that label really does make it look more professional.

    I don't think I've reached that level in my knitting or crocheting, but I can definitely understand what you mean! Sounds awesome :)

  8. Your knitted hats are amazing.....and the labels are a wonderful idea! Love those gorgeous cookies, they look so pretty and I am sure they taste delicious! Looking forward to visiting you in 2014, Sam, and wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Helen xx

  9. Just popping by to wish you a fabulous New Year and only good things in 2014 x

  10. Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of seeing all your wonderful sewing. Hugs

  11. Happy New Year! Yay for you for feeling like a real knitter! Looking at your projects, you're already a pro to me! I have the same thing with bulky yarn, it hurts my hands.. On the other hand though, it works up so fast! LOL!

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