Sunday, December 15, 2013

YOP Sunday

I've been absent for a few weeks first preparing for company and then recuperating! LOL!  I had a wonderful time though but got a little behind on "projects".  I also need to update my blog and Ravelry projects.  It's "crunch time" ladies and gentleman but never fear as the knitting and crocheting angels are here!  I actually don't concern myself with any deadlines since I've retired so the presents will get sent when they're done....whenever that is.
No...the Irish Hiking Scarf is still not done.  I totally had to put it away while my company was here as it was for one of them.  Actually, I was going to make 2 of them but I've chosen another pattern in a non-bulky yarn which is not so hard on my hands.  But I am happy to report that it is 46 inches long and the finished size is 55" although I might be going for whatever ends up being able to swing over your shoulder and stay there.  I think I'm on the 4th or 5th skein of yarn now.  I've also ditched the idea of making a matching hat....not now anyway.  No more scarves in bulky yarn for me!
I mentioned in a previous blog how I ordered a hat pattern from Purl Soho....supposedly you can download but you can't so it finally came in the mail yesterday!  A week later and a week's knitting gone by!  What really irritated me was that I called and she said she would email it.  It never came so I called again and she said before close of business....that was last Monday.  I like this pattern because it has several styles and each pattern has the sizes for baby, child, woman, man.  Not sure what that equates to but I'll take it as I don't have the heads nearby to measure.
  Here's a grandson's future hat which will have earflaps and the long tie hanging down if I can manage it.
Next up are crocheted star ornaments meant to look like this when I finish....
I did green stars since I have red ribbon...they need to have ends woven in and be blocked and maybe starched a bit.  Does anyone know how you do that will acrylic yarn items?  So far mine look like this.  The pattern for these is a free tutorial from Jodie over at Jelly Wares
Then I made a few of these "twinkler" stars from another free pattern from Sandra over at Cherry Heart on her December 5th post.  The size differs depending on the yarn and the size hook you use.   Both these gals are on Ravelry.
While I was over at Purl Soho I ordered my Christmas present..........a crewel embroidery kit I have had my eyes on for several years and which they have in short supply and sometimes not at all.  There was one left!  I grabbed it.... virtually.  This will be the project that will get done but only if I live that long! Are unfinished projects handed down from generation to generation?  It's huge but it reminds me of where I grew was definitely an emotional purchase.
These are custom kits from Blanche Virgien from Connecticut.  There are many more on the Purl Soho website.
It's huge! 20" X 24" stamped design on linen and the instructions........
A booklet on Basic Crewel Embroidery and pages and pages of very detailed instructions for each piece of the embroidery picture.  So happy about that as I haven't done crewel embroidery since my children were small and the "baby" turned 33 today!  There's a needle included and of course all the yarn needed.
So, that's what's been keeping me "off the streets and out of trouble" along with cooking, cleaning, decorating, card writing, bill paying, sewing and crafting.  Happy Holidays and may all your projects be done and in the mail by December 17th.  You know mine won't be! LOL!


  1. I've used a spray starch that I found at the craft store....

    Love the little stars....and scarf is looking good...

    and wow that is an ambitious project...

  2. Glad to see you back, I hope you had a lovely time :)

    That embroidery piece looks gorgeous! I have a cross stitch piece I love that I started like 2 years ago, and I'm not sure I will finish it before I retire, hehe. Those projects are still fun!

  3. Lots of lovely projects here. I particularly love those little crochet stars.

  4. The crochet stars are awesome. I've stiffened with starch, with watered down white glue and with "Stiffen Stuff". They all seem to leave the FO crusty, which I don't like. So if you get a better solution, I'd love to know.

  5. You're so smart to do pretty projects like these. Look at all the neat things you've made! Happy holidays my friend! Stay warm!

  6. I love the little stars, but the embroidery looks amazing! It will be a wonderful piece to hand down.

  7. Love the stars and have saved those blogs with the tutorials. I paint pva glue on the back and it helps stiffen them up but I'm getting the spray on starch to try it next. Love the scarf and the crewel work is going to look amazing.

  8. Seriously...
    You will outlive us all!
    You have far too many projects to get done *** grin**!

    Love how the scarf is turning out and by now, you've probably finished it.

    You inspire me to get more accomplished.
    I need to kick it in gear, and get a few more things done, and then I'll be ready as ever for the big day.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Congratulations on your youngest turning 33! I have no experience on stiffening stuff but if you succeed I'd love to know how you did it! Your embroidery kit looks amazing and huge indeed! I'd love to take up embroidery someday, for now it's crochet and knit though! Happy Holidays!

  10. Wow. That embroidery looks like it will be beautiful and very time consuming. Good luck!


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