Friday, November 15, 2013

If you don't use it you lose it!

I went to the doctor last week and everything is great except my cholesterol was elevated.  I might have overdone it on the ice cream this Summer...tee hee.  Plus, my doctor told me no dairy products!  I'd not heard that before as I have osteoporosis supposedly so I thought I had to get calcium so I've been eating a yogurt every morning for breakfast! He told me to replace it with 2000 mg of Vitamin D3 which thankfully I was able to get at Wal-Mart in the "gummy" version.  Love those gummy vitamins!
 So...........I figured I needed to change things up a bit.  I had also stopped walking in the heat of summer.  I'm back walking, I replaced yogurt with oatmeal made with water and sometimes I add a sliced up apple or some fresh fruit I have on hand and sweeten with organic maple syrup.  Don't be fooled either....instant oatmeal is not the same plus it has loads of sugar in it.  If you want to benefit from oatmeal get steel cut or at least old're looking for fiber and bulk not mush. 
I also started using cinnamon and honey which I mixed up in a jar.  I put it on my homemade bread toasted  instead of jam.  There are health benefits to eating as close to "the source" of the food as possible.  The more "processed" the food the worse it is for you. 
 I'm not a big milk drinker but I sure did love me some ice cream and my Fage yogurt in the mornings!  I'll be 65 in January and I want stay flexible and as healthy as possible.  I've come back from Graves Disease where I was almost blind and Rheumatoid Arthritis which I have gotten to the point where I only take my Enbrel once a month instead of twice a week now.  My rheumatologist was upset when I told him but the shot is SO expensive that I was trying to cut back and yet still be able to function.  He said we would do blood tests and see if I had inflammation and if I did that meant I was damaging my joints and needed to take it twice a week again.  Well, the blood tests came back and they were perfectly fine!  No inflammation!  I have never been one to want to take meds of any kind because there are side affects no matter what you take.  At one point I was taking Methotrexate with the Enbrel as that was the suggested method of treatment.  Methotrexate is a drug they give to cancer patients and it is very strong and after you've been on it awhile you have to have a liver biopsy to see if it's damaged your liver...yet.  I told my doctor I wanted off of the metho and he said he's never known anyone to not take it in conjunction with the Enbrel but he said he was willing to try and we'd see.   I went off of it so many years ago I can't remember when, but it's been more than 10 years, I know that.
 I do stretching exercises in the morning when I get up to stay limber.  I lift, haul and tote and don't allow people to do it for me as I want to keep my back muscles strong and they are.  I have no back pain ever.  I know I am aging and I can't stop it but attitude and not dwelling on your "aches and pains" helps a lot I think.  I know many "elders" who all they talk about are their illnesses and their surgeries etc.  I try not to other than to point out to others that you are still in control and you can still do things to help yourself and stay strong.   Keep moving, keep smiling and stay can take a turn for the worse at any moment so enjoy this one!
   Also, ensure you understand your ailments and question your doctor(s), make sure you know what the side affects are of any treatment or medicine you are taking and don't just "go along to get along"'s your body and your life and you only get one!  Good health to all and to all a good night! 


  1. Sam, you are incredible! And you have just beautifully said here exactly everything I feel and know. I have been vegetarian for nearly 5 years and have now been mostly vegan for the past 8 months. I read that meat eaters have longer menstrual cycles and guess what, I have now been period free for the past 15 months. My doctor was not happy when I didn't want to take pills to make my period continue. She said that "God" meant for us to have our periods for a very long time. Really? I have never, ever felt better. Like you, I don't let anyone do anything for me. I do not have a maid like the rest of this country. I do everything myself. I carry and move things myself. I don't wait for someone else. If it needs to be done, I do it. People have such misconceptions on food based on what they've been told by the "authorities" -- but most of what is out there is all wrong. I've been doing my own reading over the past several years and have made my own decisions about my health. I want to be strong and healthy and limber as long as I possibly can. Good for you taking your health into your own hands. Eating healthy is so easy. And fruits and vegetables and legumes actually do have all the vitamins and fiber and minerals and protein that any of us need. It's all about changing how you look at food. Eating differently. Wanting to fuel your body rather than stuff it with junk that does nothing but clog you up. Once you do that, you change your tastebuds and then you never want to go back to the stuff that is bad for you. I tell you, if you want the feel of ice cream without the guilt, do what I do, take two frozen bananas and put them in a blender with a little cinnamon and some almond milk -- not too much almond milk or you will get a smoothie. Want you want is for it to be sort of like a sorbet. I do the same thing with any frozen fruit -- and add different spices to complement. Man oh man is it good. Feels indulgent but really isn't. Win-win! Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  2. Great post Sam, you have such a sensible attitude!
    Wishing you good health!
    Gill xx

  3. Great advice! We always have our porridge every morning and have to exercise by walking with Spencer every day. Another benefit of having him! X

  4. I lost 25 pounds by eating better and deliberating exercising. Now Hubby is on board, and we are at the gym working out. We (even the kids) love steel cut oats in my crock pot. I got so crazy busy last year that I let the stress make me sick too. This year we made changes to avoid that.

  5. It's good to hear you are on the road to eating simple foods. I went vegetarian about 4 years ago, organic just before that. I take only my thyroid meds and no other perscriptions. I exercise in some form almost everyday, walking, yoga, weight training, hiking and so swimming. Everything helps. I decided going on three years ago that I had to do something everyday if I wanted to take off the weight, which I did, I have lost over 50 lbs. It takes a lot of work when you have thyroid issues (which never seem to stop) but I think exercise is a big key.

    You have a great start, keep it up.


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