Sunday, September 22, 2013

YOP Sunday

 Happy Fall!  I have waited for this all Summer! LOL!  It's not that I don't like Summer, it's just that I don't like Summer in the South!  Too hot for this cool weather chick!  Anyway, I've been having so much fun this week working on decorating, painting and knitting and crocheting.  Here's what I've been up to.........

 Remember those rectangles of orange and white crocheting I showed you earlier in the week?  Here they are!  Easy peasy!  Single crochet, I cast on 16 for the small ones and crocheted 26 rows, then you stitch it together into a tube, gather one end, stuff it, stick a twig in it and do a running stitch around the top, tighten and stitch closed.  The leaf is just a small circle, chain 8 and then sc into the circle 8 times.  Just make sure your circle is big enough to slip over your twig. 

 This next one is going to be bigger...taller and skinnier to finish my little trio of pumpkins.......
Remember the Dixie Cups........Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Miniature lampshades!  I saw this on Pinterest but it was in another language so I thought I could figure it out and I did... although I need to "fine tune" it.
 The only problem is you're limited to Dixie's designs and colors on their cups...but about glueing your own scrapbook paper or any kind of paper you want on the outside....I'm thinking Halloween paper with black edging?  I have battery operated lights that I got at the dollar store and I think there are 15 lights per strand.  They also have Halloween lights right now in candy corn and black and purple but they're not battery operated. Anyway, I love lights, candles and cozy all year long and Fall has really kicked my creativity into overdrive!  The cups are removable from the lights and you can replace them depending on your mood, decorating theme or season.  I wonder if I could make sets of these and sell them on line?   What do you think?  What would I  charge?  I could use some extra cash for yarn, and things I can't make with yarn! LOL!  
 I did a blanket stitch around the edge first and then did my edging.  Next time I will go over the edge with the blanket stitch.
 Below is one strand of the lights without the shades.....
 Honeysuckle or jasmine (I always get them mixed up) is blooming all over and smells heavenly.
I'm off to make split pea soup, sour cream apple pie which I didn't get made yesterday, ironing, watching football and then I have some painting to do if I have any energy left.  Have a great day!  I'll be by later to catch up with everyone!


  1. The pumpkins are cu-ute! It's interesting how their construction is.

  2. What a brilliantly clever way to crochet pumpkins.......I may steal this idea, I find I'm quite taken with pumpkins at the moment, like you, Autumn holds a special place in my heart, and a pumpkin or two really marks the start of this season for me.

    Those light covers are another clever idea........I shall have to be careful visiting your lovely blog, my list of things to make will grow ever longer, lol.

  3. Those small lamp shades are very clever! And cute :)

  4. You could decoupage cups if you can't find pretty ones too. Cute pumpkins!

  5. Oh wow love love love those pumpkins, they are to cute for words ! The mini lampshades are great, what a super clever idea and of course you figured it out yourself, you rock ! I got two strands of halloween in our local euro shop, everything costs 2 euro in it, that kind of shop, well anyway I've a strand of pumpkin and a strand of skull ones for Halloween, both battery opperated. I'm glad Autumn is here also, it's my favourite season of all, I love the chill in the air and the leaves falling from the trees and everything slowing down some in preparation for the winter sleep.

  6. My goodness those pumpkins are so cute.

  7. Cute pumpkins! And that's honeysuckle you have there, and it's lovely :)

  8. Cute pumpkins! You should sell those on Etsy!

  9. Love the pumpkins!!
    Was so glad to see you visiting my blog again!! Glad to hear you're okay :-)

  10. I love the light shade idea, very clever! And the pumpkins are really cute, and sound so easy!


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