Sunday, August 11, 2013

YOP Sunday

I have been busy, busy, busy but not doing handwork...more like housework!  But that's okay because I like balance in my life...a little of this and a little of that.  I did finish something as I needed a confidence booster as the knitting was not.  The first of one of my "toys" and childish items I want make this year.  I apologize if you saw this last Wednesday but my YOP friends have yet to see it.
I've made some progress on my Blackberry Salad and I must admit I "get it" now and it is so fun to crochet!  I think this will not be the last of them and perfect for telly watching!
It's not as uneven as it looks in the picture...........I hope!
I forgot to list the books I was working from this year...did you hear that, "books" plural, as if I could get through one of them in a year! LOL!  But I do know that this book will be the first one!
Did you notice I'm not mentioning any knitting?  If you want to know why check last Wednesday's blog.
Anyway, not only do I love this book and all it's projects but I love how it is organized by level of difficulty and building on skills.  The first project is another blanket I started when I realized I really needed to finish the Blackberry first.  Plus, in order not to bore you or myself, these "blanket" projects will be interspersed with smaller projects like my little birdie from Attic 24.  (There's a link to Attic 24 on my right hand sidebar.)  There are 4 skill levels in this book and they go from Beginner to Enthusiast.  The next project after the blanket is a bunting so hopefully I will have that started by next week and meanwhile keep having fun with the Blackberry Salad!  I need to order more yarn in more colors too.  Does anyone know if there is a book like this out there for knitting?  One that takes you from beginner to advanced projects all the while increasing your skills through the projects in the book?  I would love a book like that for knitting.     
 I have to go make a cake now as my sweet tooth is calling for something sweet.  I defrosted peach pie filling I made last year and I'm anxious to try this new recipe.  I'll let you know tomorrow if it was everything I hoped it would be! LOL! 
I'll be by later to see what you all have been up to after I get the cake in the oven!  Toodles!


  1. I do hope that the peach pie was as good as it sounded. And I love blackberry salad - I hope the knitting mojo returns soon - but it sounds like you have plenty to be going on with!!

  2. I really love the bird, it is very cute. Most of the items on Attic 24 will end up being done by me. Bunting is high on my list for the girls room. Time is what I need ! I can't help with the book as well I just seem to jump right in and sink or swim kind of thing but I'll keep an eye out and I may come across something. Oh I do love the sound of peach pie. The other day I thought I'd rather like a peach cobbler so I now am going to root out a recipe for same, darn sweet tooth is not helping my waistline ! Enjoy your pie. BTW still loving the blackberry !

  3. I really, really like your Blackberry Salad blanket! It's so fun and pops in those terrific colors.

  4. Oh dear Sam--I am so sorry that the knitting thing has been so rough for you lately. I do understand how all the frogging could get to one though. Your crochet projects look great though. I happen to have a bird like that in my Ravelry favorites except it is knitted. Yours is adorable and the Blackberry Salad blanket is so very pretty.
    I hope your week goes well....

  5. Your blanket is coming out great! I love Lucy's birds...her projects are so colorful...

  6. The colours in your blackberry salad are just perfect!

  7. Hi Sam how are You? I have moved blogs now hope you can follow, lots happened my end to so busy life just takes over dosn't it.
    I love the blackberry salad blanket you are doing so well with this, I also have that book to it is a good one for the beginner as I am. I still knit a little but I am loving crochet.
    best wishes
    Julie C

  8. I love the blackberry salad, it looks amazing, and not uneven at all! Though I'm sure that any unevenness you could see will come out with blocking or running it through the washer. And the bird is super cute!

  9. I need to get that crochet book :D

  10. I love the blanket! It looks great.

  11. Sorry to hear that the knitting has been so frustrating. Putting it in time out and moving onto things that are more rewarding is the perfect thing to do. That Blackberry salad is gorgeous - it'll be just perfect after blocking!


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