Friday, July 5, 2013

YOP Year 3 - Week #1

Well, here we are...Year 3!  I couldn't wait for it to get here and then all heck broke loose around here and I barely made it under the wire!  I decided after going "crazy" last year with my list and not taking cost into consideration that I would try and be a little more practical and non-committal.  I have so many "wishes" for projects and they're all over the place....Ravelry "favs", WIP's of course, Pinterest, books, magazines and Facebook.  Did I leave anything out?  Probably!  So, I'm going to start with categories and go from there...oh, and then there are skills I want/need to learn this year.
I did manage to finish my I-cord for one chair pad and it measures 14" in diameter and I only used 2 skeins instead of 3 that the pattern required.  Yay!!!!  It needs to be sewed together using a whip stitch and it may be awhile before I do another one!  Hard on the hands this was.
 I also finished sewing one pillowcase and now need to blanket stitch the edge for the crochet foundation.
 Here are some of the many books and magazines I have filled with projects.  I get these books and look at then and then never make anything out of them so I am committed to utilizing what I have this year.

The categories I have come up with are the following:
1.  Socks - I learned both MAgic Loop and DPNs last year and plan on doing LOTS of socks in different patterns.  I have one pair to finish in my "learning DPN's" but after that I have several different patterns in the queue. 
2.  Pet items- I have a cat bed, dog bed and some toys for "the girls" to make and a sweater/coat for Annie who gets cold.  Some will be for Christmas.
3.  Hats, mittens, scarves for gifts and myself as I'm hoping to move where it's colder.
4.  Pillowcases with crocheted edging.  I'm just getting started on these but once I get the hang of it I am hoping to make more.
5.  WIP's which you can view at the top where the label is YOP 2012 -2013 which I may change to YOP 1213 and YOP 1314 to save space.
6.  Bee Blanket -  A kit I ordered and then discovered it has cables and chart reading....there's some new skills to learn! Oh my!
7.  Washcloths for sure....LOVE!!!!!
8.  Toys -  I've decided to go small this year too.  I made a little chicken last year and it was fast and fun!  I think I want to get Susan Anderson's Spud and Chloe book and  maybe her Itty Bitty Toy book and if I get brave her new Inside Out toy book but we may be talking YOP1415 for that! LOL!  
9.  Rugs - I have one from last years list and I want more.  I'm going to try knitted and crocheted and see what I prefer.
10.  Purses and/or totes -  Ruth made one not to long ago that I just adore so that one for sure is on the list.
11.  Holidays and Gifts  - I need to get this area planned out as it's time to start on those!
12. Household - items for me that I need here in the house...could be anything! LOL!
13.  Miscellaneous - for everything else! LOL

Skills I want to learn this year:
1.  How to read charts
2.  Knit Cables
3.  Crochet edgings
4.  Toy making and maybe amiguri?

I also plan on including a "quick" recipe each week so we can have more time for stitching and also any "yarn" or craft related books that I have reviewed.  I know...BIG plans.....we'll see how well it goes but actually last year I did lots more than I really thought I would considering my "learning curve".  Thank you to all of you who inspired me and encouraged me every Sunday.  I am so looking forward to this year although selling my house and moving may put a little hitch in my stitch but hopefully not much.  I will have a page up top for the new YOP year.  Now, to go back and catch up with all of you! (It will undoubtedly add to my list! LOL!)
P.S.  As I refine my list I will add specific projects so you can hold me accountable! LOL!


  1. Great to see you back, I wondered where you were. Looks like a great list, I look forward to seeing what you make (especially the socks, I love discovering new sock patterns)

  2. That is a great list - I look forward to seeing your progress. I have only just started knitting and it's so inspiring seeing everyone's projects. I can't wait to see all your socks :)

  3. Fantastic list and you know your going to do great on it. Cables you are going to LOVE! along with lace they are my next favourite things to knit, but then I'm a bit odd so maybe not count that ! Glad to hear the move will be happening over this coming yop year as I know you've been wanting to for awhile and you best get those cold wear items done ! You'll be needing them. I'm totally charmed with the pillowcases and am tricking around with this idea of yours in my head lol. Looking forward to another year hanging out !

  4. I'm new to this whole YOP thing but it is so much fun reading about everyone's plans and thoughts for the coming year. I started my crocheting journey with amigurumi, they aren't that hard once you get the hang of it! I'm looking forward to being inspired by your socks, one of my plans for this year is to learn to knit them (I've never knitted anything, really) :)

  5. Oh cables! They are fun--really. :) I have every confidence in you on that one for sure. I am so excited to see your pillowcase coming along--now on to the fun part, right? Lace is a different kind of fun--it takes concentration but the end project is always so striking and people are always so impressed! You have a great list and plenty to keep you busy. I so hope your move happens for you this year!!

  6. Once you get used to reading charts you'll love them!

    It feels great to knit up some of the patterns that inspired you to pick up that book or magazine in the first place.

    Cables are okay - nice effect, but depending on the yarn they can be hard on the hands too. And they definitely slow you down!

  7. You are always so busy with projects! Hope you get some relief from the heat:)

  8. Wow, what a list. You are one ambitious woman. Good luck with the sale of your house and the move. I know you have been planning this for a while so I hope it all comes to pass this year.

  9. I'll probably have a list started this fall, after the gardening is over and harvest is all put up. Yesterday was a very long day out there - fighting the rain, mud, weeds and sweat.


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