Sunday, June 23, 2013

YOP Sunday

Finally, at the end of the year I get organized.  I've made a page for YOP 1213 with my finished projects, works in progress and projects that haven't even been started yet.  They are all linked up to the actual pattern/project in Ravelry so even if I'm not posting about it you can access them from my blog at any time. 
It's been 5 steps forward and 10 steps backward this week but I keep plugging along.........

No, I did not  make this but I want to!!!!  Have you seen this?  I just had to share in case any of you want to put it on your YOP 1314 list!  I'm not sure there are directions but I'm sure it would be easy to figure out.
 I found a neat way to dry my hand knit socks.  I put rugs on top of my washer/dryer to dry and by accident threw my socks up there wet out of the washer so they wouldn't go in the dryer with the rest of the load.  I smoothed them out and they literally "blocked" themselves on that rug!  Easy peasy!  So now I always have a rug up there.  It also keeps things from sliding off.  The rug  has a latex backing so it stays put pretty well although once in awhile I have to straighten it out.  It also prevents items from falling between the washer and dryer.
 I started wearing my socks finally....and LOVE!!!!!  They are Cascade washable wool but they are actually cooler than my cotton socks and who needs Dr. Scholls with hand knit socks?  Not me!  They are so cushiony I couldn't believe it!  The yellow's are a bit small but they don't bother me but they'll probably wear out sooner.  Oh no, is that a bunion starting on my left foot?  OMG! 
 Here's he blue ones to match my gorgeously comfortable Asics LOL!  Guess what there's going to be a lot of on my 2013-2014 YOP list? 

 I've been going through containers in my basement to utilize for packing and guess what I found?
Yep, you guessed it.....STASH!  Recognize the sunflower afghan squares popular back in the 70's, an afghan I started for my daughter and son-in-law, an afghan for a grandson who is now a teenager and has probably outgrown the dinosaurs that were going to be on it.  I'm not even sure what the white and off-white pieces were supposed to be.  Does this mean I have to finish them?
 I have about 5 feet left on my chair pad I-cord and as for the Blackberry Salad blanket...I haven't touched it in months.  Below is the cuff of one pillowcase.  But I'm going to make ones without contrasting cuffs in the future as it is easier and I really don't think I care for the contrast but we'll see when I'm done.  I had a dickens of a time with the grain on this fabric.  I had to straighten it as it was so cock-eyed and I lost a good bit of fabric doing that and the selvages indicate that the green fabric is not quite as wide as the yellow.  One may be 45" but the other is 44"...and if I sew it with a 1/4" seam like they say the selvages will show.  Who knew a pillowcase could be so complicated? 
Check out my YOP 2012 - 2013 project page above and you will see all my projects for this year: finished, wips and all that I never even got started!  I'll be working on my YOP 2013-2014 page but there may not be as many pictures as I'm going to be working from a lot of books this coming year but I'll see what I can figure out.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. You are right, those giant needles and knitting are fabulous.

  2. Love the sock blocking/dyeing solution!

    If it's any consolation I've had one of those proto-bunions since I was 25 but it's never grown or caused me any problems.

  3. I love the knitting and needles as wall art, how cool !Great solution for blocking socks I must remember it. My children just simply love handknit socks and want more more more so guess what part of my list is going to contain lol. Just a small taster of whats on it. Well done on getting organised on the yop year, I've been hopeless with the project pages, something I'm going to have to rectify next year. I'm off to check out the pages now and I'm looking forward to another yop year with you.

  4. Great idea on creating a page for YOP projects..I am in the process of doig it for the books I read..didn't even think to do with projects..

    I'll be around for the new YOP and I'm glad you will be also...

  5. Your projects look great. I love the knitting needle wall project, and would love to put something like that up when I ever get a craft room. Right now, I would not have anywhere to put up something like that.

  6. The rug sounds like a really good idea, and socks are addictive to knit aren't they? Watch out, you'll end up with 20 pairs and a pair for everyone in the family without meaning to.

    And maybe you could use the finished granny squares in another project, or for a charity that will make them into charity blankets, then re-purpose the rest of the yarn.

  7. I love the rug idea for the washer/dryer! I always drop socks and whatnot between them and have to fish it out.

  8. You been busy! Getting organized always feels so good, and look at the surprises you found. The rug idea for keeping things from falling between the washer and dryer is a good one. Mine are in the basement and you know how many dust bunnies are down there in between...sure don't like putting my hand down there to pull something out. LOL. I'm confused and apparently a week late for posting what I thought was to be our last post for 2013, shoot, I wasn't even able to add my link to the's apparently locked. I can't imagine taking the time to make a pillow case...but love love the my mind I see a cute apron from that case you want to switch gears.


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