Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Please go over to Tami's and check out all the people over there who get lots more done than I do! LOL!
Meanwhile, it's been such a crazy busy summer so far...and this week add giant mold in my garden to the poison's a gardening for me this year but I did have to indulge one of my whims....a fairy garden..........just started working on it...........I refuse to buy anything...just grabbing stuff I have around the house

Working outside doesn't leave me much time for handwork but I did make some progress on a few things...........
I'm getting the strips sewn together for my grandson's wall hanging quilt and the red dot material  is the cuff of a pillowcase I'm getting ready to sew.  My first one!   
I started back working on my little girl bunny.  I'd like to make some boy bunnies too but this one is a girl even if you can't tell.

Only 7 feet more to go on my I cord for my chair pad....I have 20 feet done!  BORING!  But I'll have one chair pad done! LOL!  It is a great t.v. project though....I average abut 3 feet per evening of television watching but this summer is hard because there is nothing on t.v. worth watching at all.  I'm down to watching the weather channel! LOL!  I think I'll get my audio books out for the rest of the season.

Last but not cross stitch ornament....maybe I'll get one per year done but not one per month that's for sure!  I did do some light blue last night and then had to "frog" it because I had covered up where the buttons are supposed to go....duh!  
That's all for this week.....back to work....break's over! 

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  1. I think I'd be switching over to the audio books and unless its something specific I want to watch on the tv I don't tend to watch it. I hope you do get a schedule down and you need your relaxing time to, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say here lol. Plus I love seeing your projects. I want to see this cushion pad, I know its boring but I want to revamp my chairs but am gathering ideas first lol. Secondly the fruit salad bobble blanket, is that what it's called, I've my eye on yours and its on my list for next year so I love seeing that also and the pillowcases Im dying to see what you do with those and adding crochet to the edges. I've seen some done but I want to see how yours turn out as I think they would make great presents and be so pretty. Do you see now why I need you to keep relaxing some with your handwork lol. I'm still using that bag as my everyday bag, I love it so much and have plans for a bag for my books that I can use going to the library. I'm sure I need more bags really as you can never have enough. Shoes are a tad boring but bags ahhhh bags are my girrly weakness ! Looking forward to getting stuck into another yop year with you, hows the list coming ?


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