Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring has sprung around here!

I'm running around like a chicken without it's head lately.  I'm so sorry I haven't been  blogging or visiting regularly as Spring is just the busiest time for me.  I got  a little more landscaping done but it's a "slow boat to China" as they say.  It's hot now too and humid.....88 yesterday and 86 today and I just can't handle being out there in it that long but I made some progress...........this is where I left off the other day

Moving right along............I put in the black edging, more newspaper and more mulch.  I got the edging at a garage but effective.

This area runs along the side of my driveway...........there's my tub of Rosemary and Oregano

This is what I'm dealing with below.....and there's a whole lot more where that  came from!
So, you'll probably be seeing a soap opera of landscaping here all Spring and Summer as it keeps me going to take pictures and see my progress, albeit baby steps.   I am thanking you ahead of time for your patience with this project! LOL!

The oaks are popping open and spreading their pollen everywhere but thank goodness I'm not too allergic.  Many have problems this time of year. 
This is a burr oak (I think) in my front yard.  It has those round seeds that drop in the Fall that look like sputniks (if you're old enough to remember those Russian spacecraft) as opposed to acorns.

I have 3 of these trees and this one is really old and suffered a lot of damage in the ice storm a few years back so I'm always so happy when it comes back in the Spring....tough old tree!  I respect that.
Well, I had to call the lawnmower guy as it started but there was lots of black smoke and it wouldn't go anywhere...forward or reverse.  My hands are all beat up already and it's just the beginning of the warm weather!  Severe weather predicted for tomorrow afternoon and evening so if you don't hear from me you'll know what happened! LOL!  I hope you're enjoying your sure is nice to fling open the windows and hear those songbirds!  Take care....... 


  1. Oh I don't mind checking in and seeing your gardening progress and little by little you will tame it I'm sure. I just don't seem to have green fingers, despite my Gran and Dad being able to grow anything anywhere along with numerous Aunts on both sides of the family, it seems that gene skipped me so I have grass and that I can manage lol.

  2. It's been raining, but today they say it should be up in the high 70's. I'm getting my herb gardens cleaned out next.

  3. Spring has sprung for you wow!! Love it! Your neighbors Phlox is stunning:)

  4. I sure hope you are done with the bad weather for a while. Looks like you are making nice progress with the landscaping. Our temps are already close to 100 during the day but still nice at night. That knitted owl on your to-do list is gorgeous! Hope all is well and that you have a great new week. Tammy

  5. You've been working hard by the looks of things Sam - as I'm working back from your recent post I'm glad to see that despite your good start, you had helping hand to finish off - so much work, especially in the heat.
    How lucky are those who just move right in where it's all been done for them!
    Gill xx

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