Thursday, February 28, 2013

KAL for socks!

Whoa Nellie, what a week so far but I can't's piddly stuff but it has left me tired and behind.
I'm on my second guys have all probably knit 8 pair by now but.....I'll catch up....someday.
This second sock got frogged 4 times.....okay, so I guess I can't watch t.v. and knit......yet.
But now that I knit like a monk in total silence with my chair facing the wall and with blinders on, I'm doing pretty well.  I'm on STEP #3 of 6 or 7 if you count the fancy weave to even out the top of the cuff at the end.
I just turned the heel......this is showing the wrong side

 here's the right side....amazing!  I now know the difference between the two!!!!

As the gal in my Very Pink video states..."I told you the foot was a weird body part to knit for".  I didn't mention to her that there might be a few others.
Meanwhile, I've been reading the loveliest book of essays on knitting called "Knit Lit" which I thought I would share with you since I am sure you are SO tired of looking at my same old sock(s)....thank goodness we only have 2 feet or you'd REALLY be sick of my pictures.  
My friend Sue, the book fairy, gave this to me and I think this might be the second time I'm reading it I so enjoy it.  Is it wrong to photograph a knitting book on a crocheted background?
  I hope you are all doing great with your socks and I will check in to see later! Toodles!


  1. Your sock is looking good...a foot is a funny shape to knit for isn't it! When you see the heel appearing, it makes you wonder where it came from, well, it did me anyway!

    I wish I were a reader, I love the idea of reading books, but I am rubbish at it, I don't concentrate, I put books down and don't pick them up again....there's no hope for me as a reader! Maybe I should pay one of the kids to read to me!

    Have a happy knitting weekend.

  2. Sock looks great, the book looks great, and I am love with the wall outlet pluggy-in thing in your previous post. I need to get myself to Walmart and get one for my kitchen--constant battle there between can opener, coffee grinder, food processor and crock-pot!


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