Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling better and energized again.....

Whew, Thanksgiving even by myself was a lot! LOL!  I think I was fighting off some bug because I could barely stay awake much less have any energy but I'm feeling like my old self again...even better!
I'm cleaning and clearing out unwanted things and unnecessary clutter of which I have a lot of.  I take breaks though and sit down and knit a round.  I finished the gusset last night and I  must say, for once, I am pleased with how it looks and all the numbers of stitches are correct...so far....I don't want to jinx myself at this stage!  LOL!  Now that the gusset is done I need to knit until it is time for the toe and make it long enough for me to fit my big foot into it.  I wear a size 10 shoe so I have big feet.  I'm 5' 2" but I swear I would be much taller if my feet weren't so big!
I also finished a book I've been reading.  A memoir of sorts by Alice Marie Carey, an American gal born of Irish parents who reside in New York.  The Father is rough, drinks and barely brings in any money but the Mother has a good job with a famous actress/Broadway personality as a housemaid.  Alice grows up among these interesting characters and even goes to Ireland with her Mother to visit as a girl.  When she grows up and gets on in age, she and her husband decide to fix up an old house in the Irish Countryside.  It certainly held my interest but the country parts were the best and I wished they would have fixed up the house themselves but they hired people to do it.  She and her husband never had any children and they led an interesting if unconventional life.    I was also trying to read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at the same time but I was getting the characters confused as they both take place about the same time in New York and Alice even mentions the book in her memoir so I had to stop reading the fiction and stick to the non-fiction.
Here's a picture of our new "kitty", Bernice? (Still not sure about the name)....better than that first picture where she was hiding among boxes! LOL!  She's feeling more comfortable around us each day and Nitty and Annie are being very good about it all.  She's a very sweet cat....maybe it's the extra confidence you have when you have all 4 sets of claws. LOL!  My Patches was a great cat but she had her moments.  This one is just a kitten about 4-6 months old and has not clawed me or bit me or even scratched me and lets me pick her up and even comes when I call her...maybe I should have called her "Amazing"  Grace?  Is  it too late?  I named her after my favorite Aunt who raised me but I was mostly looking for a name that would not sound the same as Annie or Nitty......I'm thinking Grace is more fitting for her.   Grace it is!  
I hope you all had a great weekend and I'm off to do more cleaning and de-cluttering!  TTYL!


  1. Wow, you are moving right along with that sock. Before you know it, you will be wearing your very own knitted socks! The book sounds interesting. May have to look into it. I just sent "The Fine Colour of Rust" off to Annie at Knitsofacto. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. Your cat is so pretty. I'm glad she has settled in and is making friends with everyone.

    Hugs to you, Sam

  2. I had to read back to November 16th to learn about the new addition to your family, about the kit you ordered from Alicia Paulson, the crocheted blanket you snagged from a friend which is lovely. Sorry to hear your Thanksgiving didn't quite turn out as you had planned, but sounds like you still had a good time and definitely lots to eat. I finished up the last of my pumpkin pie yesterday -- in fact, that was my dinner. Work has been really busy lately -- I come home drained and don't feel like doing much else. Off to bed now. Tomorrow is another day ... and then the weekend. :) Take care, Tammy

  3. Hi Sam,
    Oh how cute! I'm so glad she came to live with you. Makes me miss my kitty.
    Making socks, good for you, I tried a few times don't want to talk about it. Not pretty good.
    Trying to wrap and buy Christmas presents,always a fun and stressful job. But so far have avoided having to take any medication. HA.
    Richard has a bad cold and sore throat, told him I would take care of him, but no, he could not have a bell.
    Snow on the ground here, but close to 50 by the end of the week, so bye bye snow.
    Looks like a good book you were reading, and you will love "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
    Off to read my book and watch TV,maybe I can find an old movie.
    Nancy Jo

  4. She has a name..welcome to Grace..sound like she is doing okay. Lots of cats will come when called..she sounds like a nice kitten:)

  5. Grace looks adorable ... give her a snuggle from me.

  6. Hi, my friend.
    Sorry to read about you having a bad bout with your health.
    Glad that you are feeling so much better now.

    The book sounds interesting, and it's nice to see the progress on your projects too.

    Love that Grace!
    We both have "Grace's"... you with your sweet kitty, and me with my tweaked beaked chicken...."Poor Grace" :)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. The book sounds very interesting, I'd love to read it and will put it on my list :) Your sock knitting is coming along well, it's good to sit and do something crafty after all that cleaning and sorting.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen x


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