Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the REALLY Ugly..............

Okay...which part do you want to know first?  I'll start with the bad, then I'll go to the ugly and end on a positive note with the good.  I was just humming along with my washing machine this morning and getting ready to post and I was in my Window's Calendar trying to find something and I had 2 versions of calendars...I think I tried to separate work tasks from home tasks once upon a time so I thought I would delete one.  Well, I did and I deleted the WRONG one , of course....that's the bad.  I thought, no problem, I back up my computer all the time and I'll just restore it.  So, many hours later I discovered  that everything BUT Window's Calendar gets backed up!  I told you it got UGLY!  All my passwords, recipes, organizational lists, DIY instructs, MY ENTIRE LIFE was in that calendar.  So, life as I knew it, is now gone.  I did get my clothes on the line, I haven't screamed or cried or even said a swear word.  I think I'm still in shock and using my brain to think of all the things that I lost and trying to quick remember all those passwords.  I may still "crash and burn" later....probably have to buy a pack of cigs and make a Black Bart to get through this but get through it I will!
Meanwhile...before that all happened I got my Amazon package in the mail. to me is like the supply plane landing after 6 months of being isolated in the frozen North.  Okay, so I exaggerate a little but that's what it feels like to me!  So here's what I got from "my supply plane" via UPS...........
BTW...this is the GOOD part if you hadn't gathered that already.   Add to that cover that I will install a reliable Calendar software on my computer....a normal one that isn't "backup resistant".

Now this is my kind of book, in fact it sounds a lot like my life!  If you can't read the cover it says "How I lost my job, buried a marriage, and found my way by keeping chickens, foraging, preserving, bartering, and eating locally (all on forty dollars a week).  It sounds like my life up until the chicken part....that's where I'm headed now!  I'm sort of in-between and have been for several years! LOL!

Okay, Mary Engelbreit...need I say more?  You see I had to order my printer ink which put me into the category of FREE shipping, don't ya know, so I had to take advantage of that!  This particular book was used and really cheap!  I'm thinking that with all the ebooks that the regular old paper ones are getting very inexpensive. There are also many books you can't get in an ebook. 

Okay, "the girls"...Nitty and Annie, twisted my arm for this one.  Poor Nitty scratches all the time and sheds so much I could vacuum daily!  They get Pedigree food but I can't afford to go much higher and I'm still learning that there are things in the foods that dogs shouldn't have so no wonder she's itching!  I researched and found this book and it looks good and was 5 stars so hopefully I will be able to help my Nitty girl to stop itching and me to stop vacuuming so much.  But wait!  That's not all!

I love me a good thunderstorm and on Amazon you can listen to clips of them.  This one has loons too which I love and it's in the wilderness and REAL...not some guy in the corner rattling foil!  This is great for when I'm doing handwork but need to concentrate and can't watch t.v.  Bring it on!

This is my 3rd pedometer!  The first one I got was a cheapo and I lost was a "clip-on". The second one wasn't accurate at all...hiked 3 miles and it said I had gone 948 steps....NOT!  So, as usual, I researched them thoroughly this time and this one was reasonable priced, attaches to your shoe....what a novel idea! So, I'm trying it again.  I know I need to walk 3000 steps minimum but some days I think I do this around the house and yard and hikng 3 miles every day tires me out so I have no energy to do my work around here.  There's got to be a happy medium somewhere...right? 

I saved the best, or should I say most relevant, for last especially considering what happened (sniff, sniff) this morning to my Calendar of Life.....this package wasn't supposed to arrive until the 6th but maybe my angels saw what happened this morning and knew I would need these books NOW.  Thank goodness someone is watching over me because as you can see I could mess up a one-car funeral procession!  BTW, I'm still contemplating the cigs and a few Black Barts!


  1. Thanks for the book titles. I just ordered one from our library. Sorry you had so much trouble with your computer. That's never fun.

  2. Sam,
    How awful that you lost all that important info. Its not a good feeling.
    Good that Amazon came in to help. You sure did get a lot on nice books. Make sure you try out THRIFTBOOKS. Always free shipping.
    Sorry you missed my drawing, was wondering where you were.
    Well hope you are feeling better, better write your important stuff in a notebook and keep it on your desk as a back up.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Wow that really was an ugly situation. I'm sorry you had to worry so much. We take these computers for granted sometimes until they show who really is in control. Ha ha
    Enjoy your books!--------Shannon

  4. I feel the same about a package from Amazon, the best! So sorry you lost all that info, yikes!

  5. I love books! You seem to have some good ones there. Always enjoy looking at Mary Engelbrite's stuff! Sorry about the calendar issue. Hope it doesn't cause too much chaos in your life :(
    Can't wait to hear some tips from that organizing book. Have a terrific week Sam!


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