Friday, March 30, 2012

Freaky, Funny, Fantastic Friday!!!!!!

This book is on loan from Karen, at  The Vintage Bag Lady's hysterical and I definitely recognized a few things in there!  Some of the funniest ones I didn't show as they were "borderline" and I'm not sure what my blog is rated for and I certainly don't want to offend anyone but lets just was written by a guy and there were plenty of phallic symbols strewn throughout the book.  But funny?  Oh yeah!  I laughed out loud plenty with this one!  Here's a few  "mild" examples..........

Okay...this picture is dedicated to Anita over at Aunt Nubby's Kitchen since she just blogged a bit ago about the shoes lying around in her entryway and she only had a few pair!  I had to show this for her. LOL!  BTW, Anita, those "Best Ever Baked Pork Chops" are just that...BEST EVER!!!!!  You need to check out her blog.  She has the best recipes with ingredients that are common and not exotic and everything I make of hers is YUMMY!  You can take it to the bank!

 Sorry for the says "When one fails to distinguish between using a coupon and preparing for the Apocalypse".   Whew!  I only have a few of those...maybe they were expecting company?   A family reunion?

You know this is "old" when the price is only 35 cents!

  Too funny!

I was thinking maybe I'd TRY and feature something "funny" on Fridays so we could all "lighten up" going into the weekend.  Also, I think I will blog on Sunday. "In the old days" when I was young we would take "spins" in the country on Sunday afternoons.  So, I'm going to do the same on my blog....I'll pick a few of my favorite blogs and we'll "go visiting" on Sunday afternoon!  Have a great Friday everyone!  I hope the sun is shining down on you wherever you are.


  1. Nope...big time rain but you just made the sun come out! I am so glad you enjoyed the book...pass it on if you want.

  2. Sam
    You won't believe this, but I almost titled my post 'freaky friday', but decided at the last minute to go a different direction.
    Now that is FREAKY!!
    I used to watch that decorating show on HGTV, did you?

  3. So how do you suppose they got a picture of the shoes in my back hallway in that book???? I know those belong to my husband!! LOL

  4. Ha! That does look like a fun book. Happy new week to you! Tammy


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