Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disaster Averted! Whew.....ahhhh....

I have this wonderful grill built-in on the other side of the fireplace on my porch.  It was outside at one time until my Father turned the deck into an enclosed 4-season porch.  Anyway, I have a grill also on my stove top but it is a pain to clean after you use it so I decided to start using the porch grill!  I cleaned it and scrubbed it and found my old chimney charcoal starter and prepped all my food for that night.  I was all excited to grill.  I even prepped the charcoal starter outside with newspaper in the bottom and charcoal on top.  Dinner time was approaching and so I went out and lit the chimney style charcoal starter.  So far so good.....looking out the window a bit later the coals looked "ready" so I went out and picked it up and  brought it into the porch.  When I reached the grill I tried to dump the now VERY HOT coals into the built in grill.....this is where I ran into the problems....I hit the grate and the outside of the grill and the sparks started flying!  I rarely wear sandals but don't you know I had them on that day!  Some sparks got in between my foot and the sandal and I did an Irish jig while still holding the chimney starter in one hand, I kicked off my sandal AFTER stomping on the live sparks on the carpeting, and then threw the chimney starter out the back door because my hand got burned too!  WHOOOEEEE!  What a night!  All's well that ends well it happened....the sparks hurt but they hit on this old gal's callused hands and feet which didn't cause any problems in the end.  I managed to get the coals situated and there didn't seem to be too many...."sure nuff" this illustrious Grill Master had filled the chimney starter upside down so I had to add more coals (directly to the grill this time!) and wait for them to get ready.  After all this I actually had a WONDERFUL meal that I was inspired to make by a recipe I saw on her June 14th entry.   Here are some pictures of that awesome meal that could have set the house AND me on fire! LOL!  I learned a lot about grilling that night though! 

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