Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Made dessert for Craft's Group tonight

I have Craft's Group on Wednesday evenings and we have it at Jamie's Quilted Heart quilt shop. We used to meet in each others homes and the hostess would make dinner for all of us and we would "craft" after dinner. It's much easier to concentrate after a great dinner and dessert. Plus, we can't move much after eating so we keep our hands busy with the "crafting"! LOL! Anyway, since Jamie opened her shop we meet out there but we were bringing "bag" suppers.....not so much. Half of the fun was the great food! So, lately Carol's been making a dinner and I've been making a here's our dessert for tonight...Lemon Merengue favorite!

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  1. I love lemon pie. That one looks so good. Your quilt group sounds like so much fun. Talking crafting and eating, my favorite thing to do with the girls.


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