Friday, March 6, 2009

Where oh where is my camera?

What a week this has been....was yours like made a "whooshing" sound as it flew right by me! And I found a Thrift Store today...a real one. Of course, it in no way compares to Nancy Jo's but then I would go broke if there was a store like that near me! But it benefits a local pregnancy center which always makes it easier to spend when it is for a good cause. But I will just have to tell you because I cannot find my camera. I know it's here someplace but I'll be dipped if I can find it right now. Anyway....when I do I will catch you up on the pictures. Wait...let me go look one more time...NOPE....I probably put something on top of it.
Anyway, it wasn't too much stuff....just 3 things. A Lee Ward's embroidery pillow kit never even opened, the LAST Jan Karon book of the Mitford series which I haven't read and a "moose" shelf. Yeah...without pictures it just doesn't do it justice. But.....there was also a beautiful table that I fell in love with but couldn't get in my Tahoe by myself but a friend is going with me tomorrow and we're taking her truck! YES!!!! Now, that's a friend! So, I've got to find that camera cuz you've GOT to see this table...Happy Dance, Happy, Dance, Happy Dance!!!!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Find that camera yet? If I was as busy as you I would lose things too. Just post pictures when you get time, I check in often.

  2. Yes I am very lucky to live by Nancy Jo and she is just as nice as they come and talented. I lose my camera all the time also. Now when I take a picture I take out the memory clip out and just use the memory in the camera I can hold 7 pictures but only use 1 or 2 for my post. But now I forget to take a picture with my memory card for paper pictures. Very nice blog


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