Sunday, March 1, 2009

Okay....bread maker extraordinaire I am NOT! But I am sticking with it! I was really good with my little breadmaker but now I have crossed the line into natural yeast via sourdough. This is my 2nd baking from my loving and living starter named "Lizzie" in honor of my Mother. This time I made San Francisco sourdough bread made from a recipe shared with all of us by Ronna on Mary Janes Farm chatroom. It tastes scrumptious...but don't let it fool you...there were some errors along the way....1) I did not add enough flour so the dough not only rose but it spread 2) do not put both loaves on a cookie sheet TOGETHER....I ended up with siamese loaves and 3) do not heat the oven even if you turn it off, to help your bread dough get a crust WAY TOO EARLY! And 4) do not use a vacuum sealer to prepare your loaves for freezing....they now look just like the pancakes I made last week! Oh tastes great and looks aren't everything, I oughta know!

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