Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lizzie seems to be working!

My sourdough starter, who is named "Lizzie", came through once again this weekend as I made Mary Jane Butter's cinnamon raisin, nut bread. It is great although being ill lately has been very detrimental to my taste buds.

I have been doing nothing but laundry and blowing my nose the past few days and I am convinced that I have used a tree's worth of it so far.

But I am slowly catching up and even did some ironing today but now I need to go lay down.


  1. Sam,
    So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope you weren't sick when the family was there to visit! How did that go?
    Get some rest, yes go lay down, and have some of that lizzie bread and a cup of tea.

  2. ok, see if I had read the other part here I Would know what a nice time you had, and are those kids CUTE! or what? And it sure looks like you are really getting this quilting thing under control.


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