Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Blogmas Day #5 - December 5th

Happy Blogmas Day's your little bit of Christmas for today............
These are pine cone frames which I had never seen before and they used them as Christmas ornaments.  I thought they were very unique and I love crafts made from readily available items that are FREE!  Guess by who?  Why Martha, of course!  Here's the link to the project page.

I had to take a picture of Miss Peeps this morning....see the heart shape on her chest?  She's my little love kitty!
I went all over today....the vet for the girls meds, Dollar Tree for stickers and bags...........
then on to Walmart and then to my pharmacy for a refill...............came home, unloaded and put everything away and now I need to make pizza will sit overnight so I can have it tomorrow night...........Another one of Jenny's recipes made in a cast iron pan......I can't wait to try it.  She says it's a crispy crust and that I will love it.....I'm holding her to it!  She also mentioned turkey pepperoni which has way less fat.  Who knew?  Sure enough....there it was right next to the regular pepperoni!  

My menu this week is some leftover recipes that didn't get made and weren't needed last week.
Here's a few of the items on my menu:

Pizza - Jenny Jones
no-knead bread - Jenny Jones
gingersnaps - Susan Branch
Ziti Casserole - Jenny Jones
Tuna something? 
egg salad - my recipe
English muffins - All Recipes
soda crackers - Genius Kitchen
Kick'n Pimento Cheese Spread - All Recipes
waffles and enough to freeze
roast chicken with dressing/stuffing, carrots and roasted potatoes

I'm sure I won't need to cook all this for this week...this will probably last for 2 weeks or more but with Winter on the horizon I like to keep more on hand in case I can't get to the store.  Tonight I will put the finishing touches on the last Advent gift, tomorrow will be wrapping and packing it all up and then Friday morning it will go in the mail.  I'm hoping to decorate on Saturday and then hit the rest of the Christmas presents which need to be mailed by the 15th but I'd like to get them mailed by the 12th but that's probably not going to happen! LOL!  How are all your Christmas tasks coming along?  I hope you are enjoying the season so far!
Happy Trails!!! 


  1. I have read and enjoyed your blog for ages and thought it was time that I commented! I check in everyday. The craft idea is super cute, right up my alley too, cheap or free. What an adorable kitty, animals make the best friends. Christmas tasks...decorating is done, now on to the baking.

  2. Oh, Miss Peeps is just darling. What a sweet little heart.
    I’m going to have to check out that pizza made in a cast-iron skillet. Sounds yummy. You always give me the best ideas.
    All I have left to do for Christmas is a little tiny bit of wrapping and I’ll be all done. Although we are reconsidering a tree this year. We may put it up Saturday and then again we may not! Ha!
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Miss Peeps is adorable. You did running today like I did yesterday. Wears a body out huh. Your menus sound pretty yummy to me. I remember stocking up as winter came upon us when we lived in snow and ice country. Always good to be prepared. Good luck getting those gifts mailed when you want.

  4. Oh how sweet you lil Ms Peeps is!

  5. Love Miss Peeps heart! You pizza crust in a skillet looks good. We use Naan bread for Pizza it is quick and easy. We take one Naan and cut it in half and each do it our own way:)

  6. Nice to see Miss Peeps. I don't really have any Christmas tasks. Can't mail anything because the postal system here is the pits. But I do have a friend visiting from the States the end of the year so I plan to send some cards back with her for mailing. :) Started a little decorating and will do more over the next week. Crocheting Christmas themed items just for the heck of it. :)

  7. Look at that heart on your! That is amazing! Love the pinecone ideas too. I worked on a little pinecone craft yesterday. Now I need to put the rest of my pinecones in a basket with a ribbon on it! lol Enjoy your day, Santa's little helper! Hugs!


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