Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beautiful weather yesterday and today......

 The roof boys came back yesterday and went back up to see if they could find anything.  They were pretty disheartened as they didn't know where else to look but they did find a hole and a damp piece of wood and they tore it off and behind it was mold and rotten wood.  They came back today with new treated lumber and sprayed in foam insulation to fill up the hole and put up the new lumber and caulked it.  Now, we wait until the next rain storm!
It doesn't seem like you get much done when you have construction people come and go.  I did regular chores and managed to make my salad this afternoon and I'm working on the sock gusset.
I've had the usual weekend calls from 'the kids' and now it is 5:00 and where did the day go?  I was going to do ironing but I may save that for tomorrow.....I did get this Knit Picks catalogue in the mail today......that will be nice to browse after supper and put my feet up.  Maybe another Harry Potter movie later.  I really enjoyed the first one!
Enjoy your Saturday night!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Very Wet Thursday.........

It's still raining and although my porch is leaking worse than ever my prayers and sympathies go to those who are truly devastated by flooding in Missouri and Arkansas....and to all who are suffering in any way.
I have a little story to tell about a movie I remembered seeing years and years ago that I loved.  All I could remember about it was that it starred Jane Wyman and she was a cabbage farmer.  I have searched and searched for this movie for years and never could find it until TODAY!!!!  I happened to be looking for Cabbages and Roses a U.K. based houseware and clothing company and lo and behold  up came this movie mentioning cabbages and Jane Wyman!  It is called So Big and was made in 1953.  I did order the book which is by Edna Ferber and I would like to read the book before I watch the movie again.  I spent all day trying apps and channels on Roku and even Amazon trying to find the movie but to no avail.  I'm sure you can get it on Turner Classic Movie channel if you have satellite but I don't.  Anyway, it was a BIG rabbit hole that took a lot of my time today.
I tried to download a clip but this is all I was able to display.  The book was a Pulitzer Prize Winner (am I embarrassed now as you know what I've said about PPW's...I am beginning to eat my words) written by Edna Ferber back in 1924.  Are any of you familiar with it?  I am still searching for the movie so if any of you know where I could purchase a copy or better yet watch it for free without giving up my firstborn child,  I would truly appreciate it.  My SIL just told me to check Daily Motion so I am off to do that.
Meanwhile, in between my quest, I did get a few things done and I'm now working on the heel flap of my #2 was so dark and rainy today that I had to have lamps lit all pardon the lighting in the photos............

 and candles were keeping it cozy and warm as the rain splattered against the windows and the wind blew......what a wonderful day to enjoy the Hygge!
For supper I'm  roasting  asparagus......425 degrees F oven, foil lined cookie sheet, and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper....cook for 9-15 minutes depending on how much you are cooking.  I just snap the ends off...they will break where it is tough. 
I'm also making mac and cheese from a box but it's organic.............
I hope you have a cozy evening where ever you are and are safe and dry!
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Wednesday....still lots going on here!

My other peony bloomed and it smells great so it's not my was the other flower without any scent.  Thank goodness!
Yesterday was garbage day but it was also time to bake bread.............the rustic, no-knead variety......
 My Hotel of Bees shawl/scarf is coming along and I have several rows of the honeycomb pattern to do so it should be showing more progress a little quicker now..............
 I've also abandoned my Happy Planner as they did not give me enough room to write....I am a woman with a lot to do! I have been utilizing the little cheap composition book that is my BuJo....bullet journal and I am loving it!  Plenty of room to write and you can customize to your own specific needs and lifestyle..........I printed off a 'habit tracker' for my daily chores so I don't have to rewrite them each day.  I just color the little square in when it's done......
 My artwork is none too fancy but a little coloring makes the tasks seem lighter.  Now I need to make a monthly task tracker.
I also went down a few Rabbit Holes yesterday......this might be a regular segment on my blog as I seem to do it on a daily basis!
I need to make some curtains both regular and shower.......
 Unfortunately,  I don't have a stash of vintage hankies......
 Still working on my entryway but it is a far way from looking like pretty...
 Why am I looking at cross stitch?  Because Cucki, (my blogging friend) has a group that does The Prairie Schooler patterns (and more) and they chose to do the TPS alphabet but instead of individual pictures some did one big one which I loved!  I need to find out how they did it or figure it out myself....this might take me a while! LOL!  Cucki, are you still working on yours?

While I was looking at those I found another one that I loved too.....but of course!  This would go so nice in my 'future' bedroom..............

How was your Tuesday?  Did you go down any 'rabbit holes'?  There was an orange chicken crock pot recipe too but it wouldn't download (it's on my food board on Pinterest if you're interested).....I'm sure there will be more RH's today! LOL!
Have a great one.....storms coming here again.  Glad I got some laundry outside on the line yesterday.  It will be a good day for ironing it!
Happy Trails!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

YOP Week #45

I missed last week and don't have too much more this week....but I will forge ahead!  The 2nd Hermione's sock is coming along and I am on round 48 of 72 of the leg.........
Remember my Easter mini quilts I was making for my family and me?   Well, Easter has come and gone and they are not done....surprise, surprise but I did get some work done on in the world did I think these were going to be simple?
They're enjoyable to work on but taking me way longer than I expected...per usual!  I still have a chicken to embroider, hexies are made but need to be sewn on, a banner and buttons to hang it from and then the backing, the quilting and the binding!    Maybe they'll get them next Easter! LOL!
My Hotel of Bees shawl/CAL doesn't even look like I worked on it but I did....I got this part done and then counted the bee 'wings' and there were only 22 and there was supposed to be 23 and counting is important in this project you can see that required almost completely starting over which I did so now there are 23 and I can move on.  Someone in  the CAL said this was the most difficult part of the might have been the designer.  So, I have mastered the wings and now I'm on to the next section....learning as I go but very satisfying to work on.  I think mine is going to be quite small even though I am  using the recommended yarn and hook size but I have tight tension in crochet and knitting so it might end up a shawlette or a scarf but that's okay.  
I also picked up the book which inspired the design and although it is a Pulitzer Prize Winner it started off very interesting and is proving to be a very good book!
It's really fun to read the book and work on the shawl in a CAL with others.  Have a great week everyone!
Happy Trails!