Friday, July 7, 2017

Birthday Party Extravaganza and a photo bomber in the family!

Yes, we have a photo bomber....his name is Grayson and the following photos will prove it! LOL!  He stuck his hand in the picture at the last, Grandma did not get a homemade cake made as we were gone to my appointment in Mountain Home all day.....we also took the birthday boys out to eat and of course, did a little 'shopping' while we were there.  My daughter and I are  terrible 'enablers' of each other...pointing things out and telling each other...'Oh yeah, you should really get that for sure'! can be pricey but that's another post for another day! LOL!  So, it was Pepperidge Farm birthday cake with strawberry ice cream............. 
They also got extra 'wishes' if they found candle wax on their piece of cake which.....they did as by the time I got all those candles lit it was almost a bonfire!
Grandma's legs were tired so we retired to my bedroom to open presents...I was trying to take this picture...........

but the first time this happened........the photo bomber...strikes again!
 I think Sam liked his present.......
  P O W E R    R A N G E R !!!!
 The boys love the girls and have grown up with them since Nitty first guarded Sam as a baby.....laying next to his crib and she still guards them when they come to visit...
 I'm thinking we have another Lon Chaney on our hands as this kid has a million faces...................
I think a good time was had by all.............
Happy Trails!!!


  1. What a fun visit you're having.

  2. Your Grands made me smile! What cute boys! :)

  3. Good to see this wonderful birthday party. Loved the cake and it looks yummy. Want to have something really good for my best friend’s birthday party that will throw her at one of Los Angeles venues. Will do lovely décor and dessert arrangements there. Hope will succeed in this.


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