Saturday, May 6, 2017

Beautiful weather yesterday and today......

 The roof boys came back yesterday and went back up to see if they could find anything.  They were pretty disheartened as they didn't know where else to look but they did find a hole and a damp piece of wood and they tore it off and behind it was mold and rotten wood.  They came back today with new treated lumber and sprayed in foam insulation to fill up the hole and put up the new lumber and caulked it.  Now, we wait until the next rain storm!
It doesn't seem like you get much done when you have construction people come and go.  I did regular chores and managed to make my salad this afternoon and I'm working on the sock gusset.
I've had the usual weekend calls from 'the kids' and now it is 5:00 and where did the day go?  I was going to do ironing but I may save that for tomorrow.....I did get this Knit Picks catalogue in the mail today......that will be nice to browse after supper and put my feet up.  Maybe another Harry Potter movie later.  I really enjoyed the first one!
Enjoy your Saturday night!
Happy Trails!


  1. Hi Sam :) Your salad looks delicious! I know how you feel about workers coming and going, I almost feel like it's a day wasted, but those days are necessary now and then! I hope that the leak is finally fixed! Enjoy your Saturday night. I'm re-reading a Tony Robbins self-help book called Awaken The Giant Within. It's very motivating and a good refresher for living your life to its fullest! :)

  2. Gosh, I forgot all about Knit Picks. They make the best catalogues!

    I truly hope your roof problem is fixed! That is not something you want to let go on for very long.

  3. I'm glad they found something; I hope that helps. Your salad looks refreshing! I get the Knit Picks catalogue also; it's fun to look at and add patterns to my queue.

  4. That salad looks amazing! My Saturdays always go by so quickly. Our rural area was having a mom and pop driving tour of small home businesses today. I planned to drive the whole route and make all 10 stops. I got an early start, stayed too long at the first place, had to meet a friend for monthly lunch, go to grocery store, get a birthday gift, make a macaroni salad and then it was time for dinner. Best laid plans! Hope your leak is fixed FINALLY!!!

  5. Oh I'm so glad your roof boys finally found something. I sure hope that was the root of the problem and it's all fixed now. Oh boy! A new Knit Picks catalog. Maybe it's in my mailbox today too. Since I'm out at the lake I didn't get my mail yesterday or today. That's something to look forward to when I get home. That salad looks wonderful. You make the best food! Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Roof leaks are such a bother and not always easy to fix. We've got one in the boys' bedroom that our landlord doesn't do anything about. Many years ago, water came gushing in like a waterfall down their bedroom wall. Thankfully, since then, it's not been so bad. And even with the rain we had this year, there was no damage. Our buildings, though, are made out of concrete and prone to cracking over the years so any little sliver means that something will find its way in one way or another. Have a good day!

  7. I was up until 2am. Prom night for two of our girls. Sounds like you are finding the source of the leak.

  8. Hope your roof is fixed now, what a pain in the butt it has been for you! :)

  9. I hope you finally have a dry roof, Sam. Water problems are such a difficult issue with houses. Your salad looks delicious - and was it yesterday's post where I saw you roasted asparagus? Mmmmm... I need to try that. I've only recently discovered that I LOVE asparagus and the only way I've had it is to cook it in water and then drench it in butter with some kosher salt sprinkled on top. Your version would be much healthier, I'm thinking. I get Knit Picks catalogs, but I haven't seen that one yet. I love getting yarn catalogs of all sorts.

  10. Hoping that your roof is fixed, for good!

    It is amazing how quickly time flies by!

    Hope you have a lovely new week.


  11. Hope your roof is fixed now
    Sending you happy new week smiles x


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