Friday, July 8, 2016

Another birthday boy................

Uriah turned 8 on Wednesday and he got his card and magazine subscription on the exact day.  I'm getting good at this grandma stuff.  He called and thanked me and and we had a good conversation.  He told me about going to Adventure Land for his birthday over the weekend...just he and his Dad (my son, Benjamin) and he told me he went on the roller coasters and " I didn't puke, Grandma"!  I bet his fellow riders were very grateful for that! LOL!
Meanwhile, I am working hard clearing and cleaning out the porch so when Ben arrives he can get right to work repairing the leak and my ruined porch.  This is part of the reason I haven't put my house up for sale.  Evidently God doesn't want me to leave just yet as every time I think about putting the house up for sale something happens.  It's okay as I will take that guidance over mine any day!
It's getting worse every time it rains but at least the ceiling hasn't caved in yet.
I'm glad I didn't get the room all done before it happened....I guess?  I had my potting bench and pots out there.......
Several bookcases..........which my family will move when they get here.  I just had to empty them AND find places for all of it.......
One more to go.............
At least my precious books didn't get damaged!  A few more items to remove.......
Including one of my favorite Mary Engelbreit mantra!
I hope you've  had a wonderful week and that your weekend will be even better!
Happy Trails!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Back to work!

I took the weekend off basically but today was back at it with laundry, ironing, cleaning and clearing.
But over the weekend I started on one of the projects on my new YOP list for 2016-17.........the GIANT granny square.  It is so much fun I can't stop!  I weave the ends in as I go and the farther along you get the more time in between there being any ends to weave in.
It looks a little catty wampus?  I have no idea why but I love it!  So far it is the most enjoyable project of 2016-17.
 Today is my namesake's birthday!  Sam is 9 years old today and he received his card and magazine subscription today for Ranger Rick along with Grayson (he got Ranger Rick Jr.) who's birthday isn't until the 26th and he'll be 4 then but I always figure better early than late.  Uriah's birthday is tomorrow and he will be 8.  We'll have a party with cake and ice cream and more presents when they come down the end of this month. 
 I still managed to work on my granny square on "breaks" was very hot here today!  It is almost 7:00 p.m. and it is 89 degrees F and it says it feels like 100.  I can verify that as I just went out and watered.  Stay cool!
Happy Trails!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!!!

 Wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July...this weekend is always a big celebration in my hometown and I sure wish I could have been there.  Here's a view down Main St. in 1920
Some cute vintage graphics and some patriotic crafts................

 Happy Trails!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

YOP Week #1

Well, it's here....a new year for YOP!  I have been working on "my list" for several weeks now and I think this is going to work for me.  I have categories and only 2 projects in each category but knowing my amount of interests that still makes for a very full year!  But here goes!  Oh, BTW, I did not include gifts although some of them might be and if I finish something, I may add another project to that category.  There are also some WIPs in there as I am really trying to finish up ongoing projects.  I was also going to do some books but I don't think I'll ever want to do all the projects in one book.  I will let you know the pattern sources, yarn used and where I got it etc.  I will try to be more detailed this year and also keep up with my project pages on Ravelry.  That being said..let the games begin!

1.  Crocheted Giant Granny Square 
2.  Knitted Bee Blanket

1.  Knitted Noro Scarf
2.  Crocheted Linen Stitch Scarf  

1. Knitted Ronbias Cowl
2. Knitted Causton Cowl  

Socks: 12 pair/year
1. My first Socks
2. Hermione's Everyday Socks  
1. Giraffe for Grayson 
2. A doll for me

1. Comfort Cardigan 
2. Ria Baby Vest 

1. Thanksgiving Washcloths
2. Halloween Creepy Cloths  

1. Michelle's Mittens
2. Lenticular Mitts

1. Shirret Crochet Rug
2. Round Table and/or chair mats (these are potholders that I will just make bigger)

1.Hudson Hat

1. Little House Shawl
2. Multnomah

Other crafts:

1.  Make It Do

2.  Village

1.  Folk Art Quilt (WIP)

2.  Happy Home

Rug Hooking:
1. Sheep (needs repair)

2. Abby Rug

Cross Stitch:
1.Frost on the Pumpkin (WIP)

2.Bob Ross

1. House Blocks (WIP)

2. Sampler Quilt (WIP)

1. slumber beds

2. Dottie Angel tunic/smock

1.  Christmas Shadow Box

2.  Winter Village House
As I was "researching" for these project pictures, I came to the realization that I have more WIPs that are out there....oh boy!  So, in each category, as I finish a project, I will replace it with an old WIP if there is one unless there are pressing gifts that need to be made.  Also, I may alternate WIPs with a new project just to keep my creative juices flowing.  
One last area that I need to include are new skills and techniques that I want to learn.  Again, there will only be 2 at a time although there is much I need and want to learn.
Skills and techniques:
1. Fish Lips Kiss Heel
2. Tunisian Crochet  
Happy Trails and to all a fun and productive Year of Projects!