Monday, November 14, 2016

YOP Week #20

They say it was a DNS 'glitch' and that the DNS (domain name server) got 'corrupted' but I'm not buying it! LOL!  Someone did something to my PC and I'm banking on Microsoft with their auto installs when you're back is turned!  So, I'm back in business now and have access to my own blog which I couldn't get to.  Truth be happened a few other times but I ignored it and was so busy with other things but then when I couldn't even access my own blog....I had to take action and deal with that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have been cleaning and clearing like a woman possessed but with an old person's energy level.  Not much handwork as I have been trying to stay focused on getting the porch clean and in order and outside work done before it gets too cold.  This is what happens when you read a cleaning book and learn about a miracle cleaner like Krud Kutter (plus my trusty vinegar!).....I can clean anything now! LOL!
But here's what's on my hook and needles.............only 3 more rounds to go and then the border on my Giant Granny Square!  I am determined to finish things up around here!  Remember when I could do a round in an evening?  Now I can only get 1 side done in an evening!  This is bigger than I thought but I still adore it!
This is about 3 squares bigger than when I took this picture and I have been keeping up with my 3 squares a week on my CMB (Cozy Memory Blanket).  This project is so enjoyable that it's hard not to want to do more than those 3 but I have Christmas and birthday gifts to make also.
My Halloween gift to me arrived!!!!  In a little box filled with goodies..........
So pretty and cute!
and they even send you wool stuffing.........I love wool in all it's many forms........
Speaking of the holidays coming up.  I am curious how many of you knit/crochet or make handmade gifts for people?  I heard a word the other day....'knit worthy' and it made me think of people I have made things for.   I'm not sure all of them are 'knit worthy' so I am re-evaluating who gets my handmade items, if any.  Plus, my handwork is my reward at the end of the day but for most of the year it seems I am making for others.  I don't mind at all but I'm not getting my projects for me done and I'm not sure they really appreciate the time it takes to make their items.  I'm not saying they're not appreciative or grateful, I just don't think they care if it's handmade or bought and I'm not sure they might not like 'bought' better.    I'm curious what your experiences have been and what your take on giving handmade items as gifts is.  Next week I think I will be showing you "a whole lot of cast ons"! LOL!  Why am I always behind?  But still loving my life and the fact that I get to chose what I want to do each day (within my budget that is).  I hope you are all well and survived the political the REAL work begins and I pray that our president can search his heart as to what is best for ALL Americans not just a select few.  Time will tell but I will be praying for him and our country. 
As an aside........I just found out that Gwen Ifill died at 61 of cancer.  I had no idea she was even ill.  She will be missed as a caring and intelligent journalist of the finest kind.  Isn't it funny how you can get to know someone and care about them without ever having met them?  Kind of like us bloggers.
Happy Trails!


  1. Technical difficulties are always such a pain. I love how colorful your blankets are. I'm not knitting for the holidays. Not because people aren't knit worthy but because I'm focusing on charity knitting.

  2. So sorry you have had trouble with your computer. I used to go in heaps of swaps and for two years I only sewed for swaps. This year I've sewed for me and it has been wonderful. Only handmade gifts for my closest friends

  3. I was beginning to wonder about you. Glad you are okay and survived your glitch...some of those updates are horrid. Your granny square afghan is beautiful! :)

  4. I like giving handmade gifts and I like getting them. But I always supplement the grand's Christmas Ornament with cash. I guess in a perfect world I would like all handmade gifts and a truly handmade Christmas :)

  5. All the females in my family get something knitted or crocheted every year. The males do if they request something. I am glad you are back. I was starting to go thru withdrawals not hearing from you. Get your outside work done before the weather gets ugly for you.

  6. I've been knitting Christmas gifts for some time and usually my mum, SIL, little sister, and my brother's kids get something. But this year the Christmas socks endeavor didn't go as planned and I'm a bit burned out. So only a few pairs instead of five will be gifted. Next year I just want to knit for the kids which I think will be more fun for me as I'll be able to knit little garments for a change.

  7. Hey S.I.A., Glad your back and kicking it with projects...
    Like you, I think it's time for me to re-think my "gift list"... I really do love making gifts for friends,,, but, really would appreciate a simple email or text that the gift had been received.. I feel tacky when I have to contact the recipient if they received the package... (side note: I do tracking and know they did.) It would just be nice to receive a note that the package arrived... not looking to be fuss over just a quick "got-it"... oh phooey, maybe I am being to fussy...
    Oh and as for the 'Krud Kutter" a lot of my friends use it on their camp trailers,, I guess I really do need to try it!
    Happy Monday

  8. I usually knit a few christmas gifts - socks or pot holders. My son and sister and husband are definitely knit-worthy.

  9. I wasn't able to get into my blog for a few days. Thought it was because of the silly elections taking place in this country. They like to try and block certain sites thinking they are controlling folks. I couldn't get into any blogspot blogs, but after a few days of that, I resent our modem, and everything was back in working order. But I still didn't blog for a whole host of other reasons. I think handmade is best, and for those who aren't worthy, something handmade along with something store bought. We gotta do something with all these things we find joy in making. And honestly, I think it would do everyone good to get away from a mindset of consumerism. Unfortunately, now with a property developer in office, the environment is going to be taking a backseat and that really bothers me.

  10. Hey, I've missed you! Glad you got your computer issues sorted out. Regarding the question posed... I tend to just make what I want, whenever I want, and that which I don't use for myself later figure out who to give it to. It's much less stressful that way. I enjoy the making and the giving for their own sakes and I just don't overly burden myself with how much appreciation the recipient expresses (other than a nice and sincere thank you). If I were to receive a hesitant thank you, or none at all, I'm sure I'd make a mental note to not give that person a hand-made item in the future. Or, if I ask someone (like a son or hubby) if they would like me to make something in particular and I'm told "No, thank you" well, then there's my answer. I may be simple in my "making" and "giving philosophy", but I'm not dumb. lol Really... when all is said and done I tend to only give hand-made items to people I'm pretty confident will enjoy them.

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  11. Hello again! Long time, no speak. Sorry I've been away for so long but now I'm back!

    So, who do I knit for? Well there are a handful of people - maybe as many as a dozen - who appreciate hand knit gifts. For these folks I try to knit birthday gifts. It's too much stress to try to complete that many Christmas gifts.

    And then after that I knit for charity. There's a charity in Ottawa that collects hand knit socks for the children on the Northern reserves. And I think they really do appreciate well made wool socks. I like to think that a warm pair of wool socks can help keep them warm even if they don't have any good winter boots, and even if their schoolrooms aren't heated properly. At least I hope so!

    It works out nicely for me too because I just love to knit socks!

  12. I mostly knit for me - very selfish! My boys like handknit socks, so they get them. But if it is something that has taken a while, they have to be knitworthy. Nice to have you back!

  13. I mostly knit for me - very selfish! My boys like handknit socks, so they get them. But if it is something that has taken a while, they have to be knitworthy. Nice to have you back!

  14. I hear you on the homemade/handmade gifting. Not everyone will want it or appreciate it, or even eat the homemade foods I make. My husband has insisted not to gift our green tomato salsa, even though I have enough to gift. He helped me make it,and realizes the work involved into it. This year they are getting homemade foods, but easily made ones. One is plum jam, and maybe port wine jelly in very small jars. The port wine jelly is very good with cream cheese and crackers. I've had very little time to do handiwork, so no one is getting that this year. Maybe next year.

  15. Oh I love that you bought yourself a gift. I do that too and sometimes think I am the only one :-P


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