Friday, August 21, 2015

The Birthday Party for 4 birthdays!

Yes, you heard right!  All the grands were born in July and my daughter too!  So we celebrated all at once...together.   And I did manage to finish all the gifts for them...whew!  Here's Sam with his giraffe...(I'll have better pictures on Sunday when I post my YOP progress)
Uriah with his quilt................
and Grayson..for some reason I did not get a picture of his blanket I made him but my son said they did and will send it.  I was very pleased with how it turned out as I backed it with a dark brown minky fabric and it turned out really nice....I was SO surprised! LOL!  I only give books and handmade items that I call "heirlooms".  I can't keep up with sizes or toys they're into plus my budget
can't always handle it so I've decided that's what I will give.  They all seemed really appreciative and genuinely liked their gifts from me which definitely warmed my heart for sure.  There were other gifts from Aunt Amy and Uncle Ben and Aunt Amanda too.  Grayson loves dinosaurs........

 Sam got a new back pack for school which he tried to put on his head...but of course!
 Uriah loves anything to do with sharks so he got some shark books.....
We had gluten free cupcakes with cream cheese frosting since Grayson is allergic to peanuts, gluten and soy.  Amy made them and they were really good but we were so busy stuffing our mouths evidently we forgot to take a picture of those but trust me they were tasty!
Every night, Grayson would come into my room and visit Grandma after his bath as Grandma was already in bed (don't ya and every morning he would come right in to say good morning to me.  I had to take this picture of him.....what a cutie.  He feel asleep in my bed every night and then Amy would come in and take him to bed.  Before his cousins arrived, Uriah slept with me each night but Grandma didn't get much sleep! LOL!  When his cousins arrived they all wanted to camp out on the floor together and Grandma once more had her bed to herself....ahhhhh.  But they are all sweetie pies and I love them gobs and gobs!
Tomorrow I will post about our trip to Mammoth Spring State Park if I haven't bored you too much already. Oh, Amy, my daughter got from me 2 Hummel decoupaged plates, a crocheted flower brooch that I made for her and a Victorian "fan" birthday card that her great grandmother sent me 40 years ago that I ran across and thought she would enjoy having.

Yesterday I:
took Nitty to vet for her allergy shot
stopped at the new liquor store (huge!) and bought some grenadine to make Sonic Cherry Limeade and some Fat Tire latest favorite served in a glass with an orange section
went to Walmart to get some rocks for landscaping but they've stopped selling for the summer/fall now...stupid, as it is cooling off when people are wanting to do that type of work....but I did get concrete caulk and eggplant and a few other groceries
I paid a few bills
stripped the remaining guest beds
cleaned up the house (which involves making the bed, washing hand dishes, unloading and loading dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen)
I cleaned the Keurig with their descaling solution
made a batch of bread dough
picked a load, hung a load and washed another load of laundry
made another quick supper of leftovers:  tomato soup, leftover taco meat on toast with avocado
knit a bit on a Christmas present (I do this during the day when I take a break)
crocheted another square for blanket in the evening
also ordered a purse/tote bag pattern to make for Amanda for her birthday in September

I write this list on here because I love to read Katrina's posts ( Pioneer Woman at Heart)  
because she lists her chores and her daily projects and it always makes me feel good to know I am not the only blogger out there that has a household to run and a "regular" life.  Some bloggers seem to only blog to get on Pinterest or make money.  I love to read blogs about REAL people and their REAL lives.   Don't get me wrong, I love the DIY and craft stuff too but those aren't the bloggers I get close guys are!  It also makes me feel like I'm not such a slug when I look at how I spent my day.  You don't have to read it but I thank you for indulging me! LOL! 
Happy Trails!


  1. My boys were both born in October and it is also our anniversary month. Glad to see you had a lot of good quality grandma time. Handmade is heartmade and so much more special than storebought. Fat Tire and an orange slice Yum! I drank a whole bunch of beer and wine while in the States. Now back to dry country again. Some days I feel like a slug, but writing down everything sure puts it in perspective. We get a lot more done than we realize. I like real bloggers, too. Hugs, Tammy

    1. I love October! it's my favorite month of all! I drink beer in the summer and wine in the winter sort of....there are exceptions. LOL! Everything in moderation as the Greeks say. It's healthy for you that way and for everyone else too.
      Yes, my to-do list can be overwhelming but my "done" list makes me feel good! Hugs to you too sweetie!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your family celebrating birthdays and love. Giving sentimental and made by you gifts is something I do a lot of too and I believe they are appreciated. Your list is great. I've never done that because I didn't think anyone was interested. I like reading that others have similar lives to mine.

    1. I've seen and been the recipient of your beautiful handiwork and I certainly appreciate it! Thank you for liking my "list"...I wasn't sure if anyone would want to read it but I always feel like most of us are more alike than different and again, I'm not about racking up blog stats. Thanks, Betsy!

  3. I think your gifts are very special. Kids have everything these days and these gifts mean so much more to them. What a great bunch of kids and grandkids.

  4. How wonderful, all those birthdays together.

    1. I have another whole group of birthdays in December and January plus Christmas so I am busy "making" now! LOL!

  5. I love the closeness of your ohana. Oh how fun to snuggle with the little ones but man can they move around a lot. Glad the visit was a success. July is your family's birthday month. September was kind of ours; we used to say my grandfather gave out the most money during that time. December is my brother's family's month - 1st date w/my SIL, engaged, married, and their two kids' birthdays.

    1. That's funny about your Dad! LOL! At least with making things I can sort of budget ahead and get the supplies so I don't have all that expense at one time. Isn't that funny how the dates group together like that? We have a bunch in December/January too.

  6. Looks like a fine party! You are always busy! You can write whatever you want this is your blog:)

    1. I think we might have a little ADHD running through our genes...I always thought it was just that old hard work ethic. After so many years of working hard, I realized I love to work but now I run out of steam before it's all done. Ben is like I used to be.....driven! I just hope he doesn't burn out with illnesses like I did.
      You're right! It is my blog! LOL!

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