Saturday, April 25, 2015

Here's some entertainment for you!


Items I write down to share with you are mounting and some have time limits so I must share them with you now!  I don't watch a lot of t.v. because most of it I don't care for and on weekends it's really "slim pickin's" but if you're like me you might enjoy some of the following that I found.  I have Dish but the lowest package they offer so I can get the local news and weather.  I found this on FETV which is Family Entertainment Channel and they also call it COZI sometimes.  Murder She Wrote is on Friday nights from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. covering 3 different episodes. 
Now, on Monday nights you know I watch Dancing With The Stars (DWTS's)...loved Disney night~

'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Disney Whirled
and then after that is Castle.........
 Castle Season 8 Shocker: Nathan Fillion to Return... But Without Stana Katic?
 When Irish eyes are "crying"..............

‘Grey’s Anatomy': Patrick Dempsey Officially Leaving After 11 Seasons
On Thursday nights it is Grey's Anatomy which I have watched from the beginning....14 years????  Really?  If you are a fan you know Derek (the 2 main characters are Derek and Meredith) died the other night.  I have never cried for a movie star but I cried Thursday night as I can't imagine the show being that good with only 1 of the 2 main characters.  I guess I wasn't alone as it was even on the news the next night.  I never watched soap operas but this is probably the same thing and the fans are up in arms about it!  Shonda Rhimes, is this any way to treat your longtime fans?  If you are a Grey's fan please let me know what you think.  Although, Shonda did state that Derek and Meredith showed what a good marriage could be based on mutual respect, shared responsibilities and consideration for each other while staying true to yourself at the same time!  Good job on that front!

 Now, on Saturday night on the Hallmark channel at 7:00 p.m. I have been watching The Good Witch.  These "series" seem to run for 6 weeks and then they switch to another.  The Good Witch just ended until next year (PBS does this same thing) and.......
 Recap - The Storm - Good Witch
  tonight is the series premier of When Calls The Heart by Janet Oke that I might have mentioned last year...LOVE!
 When Calls the Heart Store
   It is excellent so I wanted to let you know it starts tonight!  After that I switch over to PBS and watch Father Brown
  and then Death in Paradise. 
 ... Morrissey and Sally Phillips join ‘Death in Paradise’ Season 4
These 2 are both BBC productions and mysteries that I love.  What I would call lighthearted mysteries...nothing that would give you bad dreams....there's always a bit of humor thrown in.
So, pop some popcorn and find a comfy seat and get ready for some great entertainment!
Happy Trails!


  1. I just had to remind my sister that "When Calls the Heart" was on tonight. As I get older there is less on TV that I like. Take care and have a great weekend!

    1. You and me both! In fact, I rarely watch Hallmark because it is mostly "romance" like Lifetime tv used to be. Do they really think that is all women are interested in? I like DWTS because I love to dance and did some in college and there's another show that I have to re-find as they changed channels and that is Heartland about a Canadian Ranch with lots of horse action and I love horses! LOL!
      I hope Spring is finally coming to your area. It's been pretty cold and wet down here.

  2. We have COZI now, too and I think that's the channel that has Leave it to Beaver in the afternoons. I have a cup of coffee and take a break. I don't watch much tv but I'm going to look for a few of these shows. I recommended a book to you through goodreads that I think you would like. I like anything Diane Chamberlain writes. Enjoy your evening! Hugs, Diane

    1. Oh, thank you for the book recommend. I have to go to the library tomorrow so I will look for her! Thank you! I need to go on Goodreads and update my books too. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Interesting shows you watch! I am watching is entertaining..isn't that Willow something else..fourteen wow:)

    1. Yes, the young are like sponges...they absorb and learn so much faster. I was interested in the Bachelor from Iowa and wondered how he could be doing the show...doesn't he have crops to plant? He did better last week and I do like him. I like that Rumor Willis too...she's really good. Did not like the Shark guy....the older guys seem to love going on their for their mid life crisis and I think they really think their partners like them and they're going to have a relationship after the show. LOL! But then, what do I know, maybe they do. They must sign a contract that says they won't devulge things as I am sure there have been some "issues" at one time or another.

  4. I've picked up DWT. I dropped it some time ago as the casts of stars didn't appeal to me. Rumer Willis drew me in for this season. Loved the Disney night. I haven't watched this week's yet. Grey's lost it's appeal for me after Yang left.
    I currently watch Fresh Off the Boat, Cristella, Vampire Diaries, Scandal, and I love Nashville! I caught up to on The Good Wife. I have to wait to watch this current season next Fall as we have Hulu. Gave up cable because of the ludicrous price.

    1. Rumer is really good and I like the Richer....the guy.....fantastic dancer and I guess he's a cousin of Derek Huff.
      Yes, Yang was a toughie to lose...where do these people go? They just disappear but you'd think they would be famous after doing a show like that. Oh, I do watch Nashville too but Scandal I couldn't watch when they started torturing people. I only pay $21.47 for my Dish....lowest package and no contract. Unless Iget a REALLY tall aerial outside I would get no t.v. at all. I get the local stations and weather and plenty for me, myself and I.... lol!

  5. I love Castle. I do like the J. Oke series too.

  6. You watch many of the same programs that I do. I've never seen Grey's anatomy before though.
    Your knitting is turning out wonderfully!

  7. We recently discovered Death in Paradise on Netflix. Love it! Last night we were so sad to discover DI Richard Poole isn't there anymore. We tried to watch an episode from season 3, but couldn't stand the new detective, does he get any better?


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