Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Night Fever

I'm sorry I am such a bad visitor lately but there's been some issues going on in the background and now we're supposed to get freezing rain so I needed to ensure I'm prepared with firewood, kindling, batteries etc.  Plus, I have really been on a roll with cleaning and clearing so I don't want to stop that!
 I had to move my plants to the front room as it is getting too cold on the porch.
 I found an inexpensive little trick to keep my cords and garland from gettting tangled and to make them easier to put away.  I had some really long twist ties (if you don't have long ones you can link them together to get the length you want) and after wrapping them I twist tied them. 
 They all stacked up nicely to put in the plastic bins I have for the Christmas"stuff".

 I had a lovely surprise that came in the mail today too.  My daughter sent me a package for my birthday.  Look at what I recieved......
VOILA!   Aren't they pretty?  Can you tell my daughter is an art teacher?  She's all about the color!
They were so pretty but that didn't stop me....they are sugar cookies with an almond flavor and a bit of frosting on top.  What a treat!
but wait...that's not all.............

These Buddy products are:
NO preservatives
NO genetic modification
NO artificial flavoring
NO corn syrup
NO hydrogenated fat
Very good for children and everyone.  My daughter and I both love lemon bars and these  are delicious!  Each one is individually wrapped too so great for popping into a lunch bag.
And then there was this......a cute little ornament made out of a salt has a tiny bottle brush tree, a little silver ornament and a snowflake in it, and snow! LOL!
The Clean Mama routine is working great........
My bathrooms are sparkling and I worked on the family room today in order to take down the indoor Christmas decor and also clean and get ready for a "freezing rain" (ice storm possibly) event starting late tonight or early tomorrow. Got kindling in.........
and put out some red.....
and a Valentine wreath.....early but it is the next holiday.
 Supper was English muffin with tuna fish salad and a slice of American cheese melted on top and some Annie's macaroni and cheese.  It was a very satisfying day but I am not done by any means! LOL! 
Tonight Is PBS with Father Brown and Murder in Paradise (?).....I love Father Brown mysteries.Only 2 more Jesus book marks to go and I'm done with them.  I love Jesus but I am getting tired of crocheting the bookmarks.
Happy Trails!


  1. Stay warm. I hope the rain is just that and doesn't become ice. I can't get over how energetic you are.

  2. I hope the rain stays just rain and not freezing rain but it sounds like you're well prepared for whatever happens. That was such a nice gift from your daughter. It looks delicious and pretty too. Did she make the ornament? Very imaginative. I put up my valentine garland and wreath today too. I'm going to check ot the Mama website. I try to ckeep things nice but it will be interesting to see what she recommends. Stay safe and warm my friend.

  3. I hope the ice stays away from you! Sounds like you are ready to hunker down. Progress is good me too but not much shows:)

  4. Preparations are a must. We want you safe. You got some really cool gifts. I am all over lemon. Never seen those tarts before.

  5. How did I miss your birthday?! I hope you had a happy one. Well done with your cleaning routine. Lovely pressies from your daughter. X

  6. I love getting organized this time of year. Sounds strange but it works for me. Those cookies look wonderful. What a nice surprise.

  7. I feel tired just reading about all your activity. Well done. Stay cosy and warm while it is so cold.

  8. I hope your storm did not arrive but if it did, I hope you are safe and warm. Your house looks so cute and cozy--and what a sweet daughter you have! Yum! I don't have my valentines stuff up--still have some wintery things up, snowmen and such...but soon Valentines will be here.


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