Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I was doing so good until.............

I blogged every single day last week until Monday.........I was trying to get the grand children's Halloween presents in the mail and if anything could have gone wrong yesterday it did!  First, I forgot to take pictures, then I had made pumpkin bread to mail......not a good idea!  Do you have any idea how heavy pumpkin bread is?  I swear it drove the cost of shipping right out the window!  Then I was out of boxes so I had to go to the next town to get boxes and stand there in the post office trying to put them together and get everything in the right size box.  At least I brought "filler" and tape and had the labels all made out already.  From now on they'll be getting light weight cookies! LOL!     
So, I broke my perfect record of blogging..........I was exhausted but they're in the mail!  I did some more decorating............
See the lights?   They look better at night........
It rained this morning and the colors are really changing fast now.........
 Not sure it's going to be the prettiest though....we'll see
This cloud looked just like a witch flying on her broom....you'll have to trust me as it faded when I ran for the camera............do you see things in clouds?  I'm always looking at them...I've seen many things over the years.
I finished the 2nd Christmas present today of I can't remember how many...it's too frightening to think about! LOL!  
Of course Grace had to be there for the photo session..............
Other that, I changed sheets, did laundry, bread is being made in the bread maker and I ironed.  that's all for now folks!  I'll be
catching up with you all tomorrow hopefully!  Happy Trails!


  1. That's brilliant you got all your presses in the post on time. I can see the witch! I sometimes look at clouds and see something but I will try to do this more often. Your knitted hat look so neat and I love the colour. X

  2. I know what you mean about shipping costs. It costs me dearly each time I ship to the kids. I now fill up a flat rate box, and when it's full I send it. Aside from food.

  3. Shipping costs are SO high these days. I used to not bother about postage, as it was reasonably priced, but now I keep every gift lightweight.

  4. Well done on getting those presents in the post...despite the huge cost due to the pumpkin bread's weight! You are such a neat knitter, the little hat looks very sweet. Yes, I could see the cloud witch.....I often see shapes of things in the clouds too!
    Happy Halloween and happy weekend too.
    Helen xox

  5. Next time you are in the mood to bake bread, feel free to make an extra loaf for me! :>)
    As for your kitty, s/he has the right idea, good day to chillax on a fully bed!
    Happy Saturday...


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