Sunday, August 31, 2014

YOP Week #9

Here we are at Week 9 and Fall is coming..slowly to the South.  The leaves are changing but I'm still running AC so that is not true Fall in my opinion.  It will be Fall when it is not too hot to walk and the windows are all open. LOL!
Meanwhile though, I have some projects to show you.
Designing was part of my goals this year but don't's very simple.  Remember when I told you my daughter's church group took a collection so she could have gas money to come and see me?   Well, to show my gratitude I decided to crochet them cross bookmarks.  I let my daughter pick one out of 3 designs I had "pinned" on Pinterest.  Wouldn't you know when I went to look at it there was no pattern, just a picture.  Opportunity knocked and I opened the door LOL!  I went and bought some colored pencils at the Dollar store and I had graph paper and
 This is what it is turning out as.  I'm using dishcloth cotton and an F crochet hook but it seems a little wide for a bookmark.  I have 10 to make so I'll finish this one and decide if the others should be narrower.  What do you think?
 I finally cast on for the 2nd sock.....but that's about as far as I got.
 Bina the bear is coming along and I really love the tweed....I'm hoping the stuffing doesn't show behind it.  The head is done and this is the hood part of the bear body.
 I did the last preemie hat for August but now it's September so I start all over again..Ha! Ha!  I love this new color....after awhile you like to switch it up a bit.  They're so fun to do and take no time at all.  A great project for the telly.

 My little Millie doll is coming along and when you come to the arms and legs you put their stitches on waste yarn and continue on.  I'm doing a leg now but I just started it so you can't see it.  It is her striped tights actually.  You also "stuff as you go".  I'm very pleased and amazed that I am actually doing this as it is a bit fiddly but my dpn skills are helping greatly.  I could not have done this a year ago!
 I finished the set of dishcloths for my son but they are all different sizes lol!
 This was the last one and my favorite to work on as there was no changing stitches mid-row.  Excuse the wrinkles but I had them folded and ready to pack up when I realized I'd forgotten to photograph them.  I love the seed stitch look but what a pain (the middle one).  Why the first one is so small I have no idea.  The pattern was the set of 3.  Oh well, he'll get use out of them.
 They look so much better folded up!  LOL!
I've gotten behind on updating my Ravelry projects page and also my blog page so please forgive me.  I hope to have it updated this week.  Happy Trails!


  1. Look at your little Millie doll! I'm loving her already! Make 2 legs! heehee! And the bookmarks will be nice gifts. Love the crochet things you make and you are so talented to figure out designs. Enjoy your afternoon! Sweet hugs!

  2. Look at all you got done this week wow! Love the bookmarks, if you think they are too wide perhaps just do two stitches each side of the cross but I think they look perfect failing that you could always change the hook size. BTW you should see some of my drawings, I am not an artist but I do work from a picture I have in my head :)
    Love the range of projects you've got going on at the moment each so different from the other, makes for a really interesting yop post.

  3. I have never seen lace in crochet. This is a really nice design for the church group. I love the preemie hat. It's like a mixed, cotton candy, Pac Man ghost.

  4. Way to go - design your own! Sounds so nice of them to raise money for gas for your daughter; I hope the bookmarks are a big hit!

    I love Millie Doll too! Can't wait to see her striped tights!

  5. I so enjoyed seeing all of your projects. Your Millie doll is turning out yo be darling and I look forward to seeing her finished and beautiful. :-). Have you ever use crochet thread. Maybe Lydia #10? It makes lovely bookmarks. I use it a lot and they aren't quite as thick as dishcloth cotton. Your pattern is beautiful and I'm sure will be appreciated by your daughters friends.

  6. Good for you getting down a design and it's such a lovely kind thought too... I'm sure they will love their little cross bookmarks. All of your projects are looking like they are making good progress x

  7. As always, you've been very busy this past week.
    I think making the bookmarks for your daughters church group is so thoughtful. I'm sure that they will love them.
    Your son is going to love his dish-cloths too!! Nice colors, and nice designs.

    Have a great week!!


  8. I left part of my comments for this post on your last one! I had a thought about the you have any thread to make doilies? You know the white stuff that is thin:)

  9. I love the bookmark just as it is. And I think the dishcloths look properly handmade and should be different sizes!

  10. See the 6th pix of clothes you made.

    I would like to know how to crochet say a top with a button and use a tea towel to rub my hands on near the would fold over and then I button it up and it hangs.

    I made one with face cloth and folded the face cloth in half and sewed it so it could have my one hand go up inside. The other just wipe like using a towel.

    See my teat towel had worn out with the top crochet that is still okay

    So I kept the crochet. Sewed on another face cloth after I took the old facecloth off but not knitted like you did.

    If you have a crochet idea for top.

    Can you mailed it to me please.

    Or email me. I can show you what I mean and email pic of it.

    Know one makes them here all the people who knits or crochet. I am sure I can make it the top. If I had a pattern or how many stitches. The top is long to fold over on the stove handle but the rest is a tea-towel in my case. I used a face cloth of orange and colors.

    Nice work you do.


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