Sunday, July 20, 2014

YOP Week #3

I was "under the weather" this week.  I had some kind of "attack" either pancreatitus or gall bladder as it was extremely painful and I went a whole night sitting up in bed because the pain was too great when I laid down.  I was also throwing  up, dry heaves,  my back hurt and my gut felt like it would explode.  Have any of you ever had anything like that?  I'm hoping it was just because of eating 3 ears of sweet corn and that my digestive tract just can't handle that at my age.  Although WebMD said that pancreatitus is usually caused by fatty foods and alcohol neither of which I over indulge in but the symptoms sure sounded like it.  I am recovered but still a little "sore" but all systems are back to normal and functioning but now I'm afraid to eat wondering what caused it.  I had fresh blackberries that morning with my cereal, almond milk and then the corn for supper.   Anyway, I'm hoping it doesn't reocurr or I will have to call the doctor and that is not good in my book.
But I did get more handwork done (it was good for keeping my mind off the pain)....I have a finished WIP!  I know...finally I'm starting to get organized and wrap things up......the chair pad.....finally!
I still need to steam it as it pops up in the middle a bit.  By the time I got done sewing it together I had a method so if I ever make another I think I know how to avoid any "pop ups".  Also, using the wooden needles made it hard on my hands so IF (big "if") I do any more I would use metal or something more slippery.  I love my wooden needles....just not for this.  The yarn, Katia Super Bulky is very nice and it makes for a great chair pad.
For some of my daily readers this will be a repeat and I apologize but I should have saved it for today.  Another 2 FO's for my daughter and her husband for their wedding anniversary...........
I know this one isn't exactly "fiber related" but there is a little lace on the bride's veil...I just didn't make!
I started several KAL's that I left open because I never know what's going on until I visit my LYS (local yarn shop).  I did not have any plans to make a sweater this year but this one is supposedly easy, all one piece and with the support of my LYS how could I go wrong?  So, I jumped at the opportunity!  This is Patons Classic Wool in their Tweeds collection.  I am loving this yarn!  So soft and a dream to knit with.
Here's a better picture of the yarn.  It goes top down so I have just finished the collar and I'm starting on the sweater part with markers dilineating the sleeves, back and sides.  It is a Mary Maxim pattern called Tweed Comfort Cardigan.  
Another FO, this one for my daughter for her birthday.....
I need to put a backing and pin clasp on it but I was very pleased how it turned out.  I've never knit anything this tiny before.  I made it for her as it looks just like my great-great grandmother's cottage in Ireland.  It still had a thatched roof up until about 20 years ago.  I hope she likes it.
I went to another KAL yesterday and started making a round doily or dishcloth or coaster depending on what size needle and/or yarn you use.  I had doilies on my list this year so once again the stars all aligned.  It's an interesting pattern using short rows that form points around the circle.
The sock is ongoing but making progress now that the gifts are mostly done and the ones that aren't will be for Christmas instead.  I'm going down the homestretch on the foot of the sock and praying I have enough for a second sock as I have big feet.  At this point in the sock it's a great t.v. project.
I know you're sick of seeing it.....I hope I'm not sick of them by the time I can wear them.  I don't think so though as I paid too much for the yarn to do that! LOL!
I think I am off to a great start this year and I am also a faster and better knitter and crocheter than I was last year.  I'm sure I will still run into problems at times and I will always want to continue learning new skills and techniques but it is not such a struggle this year and not so much tearing out and starting over.  I'm truly enjoying it.  Thank you all for your encouragement and support as I would never have gotten to this point without you!
Happy Trails! 


  1. Lots of fun things happening for you! That little house is too cute!

  2. Oooh I love the chair pad. Now I think I want some for me. I just wish I had more patience for iCord and sewing up.

    The little cottage is lovely. I like the thought that it's like your great-great grandmother's.

    I had a terrible reaction to sweet corn the other day too, so it might be the corn.

  3. Chair pad turned out great. Love the yarn for the sweater. And I am not sick of your sock. I think it is great and love the yarn you chose for it. The clothespin Bride and Groom is adorable and very clever and love love love the little house with the thatched roof. Great job this week.

  4. Never sick of seeing the socks!! You are doing great with your KAL's - have fun with the sweater. Hope you are feeling much better now and please see someone if it comes back (crossed fingers that it doesn't).

  5. Oh forgotten to say hurrah for finishing the chair pad!

  6. I hope you are feeling lots better today! Love all of your projects. I'm stuck on one and need to just finish it so that I can do something else! lol Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs, Diane

  7. I hope you feeling better soon my dear..
    Love all your sweet projects ...
    Sending you hugs x

  8. Your projects are looking great... hope you are completely better now

  9. I just love that chair pad, I knew when you were doing all that i-cord it was going to be awesome! I'm sorry it got finished though in pain. I've had gall bladder pain and ended up having it removed, they said fatty food caused it but I don't tend to eat anything high in fat content and found everyday fruits and veggies and food kicked it off for me, horrible horrible pain. Great progress on those socks and hope you enjoy your kal's, I'm glad your finding this year easier with the knitting and half the enjoyment is about learning new skills and techniques, I know I still am.

  10. Oh dear poor you. That sounds nasty. I hope you are feeling completely better now. The chair pad is gorgeous. What a treat to sit on! And the little cottage...just so cute and beautiful. Lovely that it reminds you of your great grandmother's cottage in Ireland. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. We had great fun in France and at Cornbury music festival. X

  11. That little house is adorable. Looks like you've been very busy again.

  12. So sorry to hear about you being ill.
    My daughter has had pancreatitis twice. Both times, she was in the hospital, and both times, it was related to her kidney failure {before she had her transplant}. Watch that! If you feel like it's serious, make a dr. appt.

    Great projects, and you get so many handicraft projects done, I wonder if you don't knit in your sleep :)

    Hope today is a great one !!

  13. Your projects are coming along! I bet you had a Gallstone or a Kidney stone. I used to get horribly nauseated with both...and I have had both....and neither is any fun at all. I finally had my Gallbladder removed when all I could eat was soda crackers and 7 up. Hope you don't have anymore attacks fo a long time. :)

  14. I am really intrigued by the sweat and yarn you are using for it. I can't wait to see more updates!

  15. Yikes! What an illness to go through. I wish you contacted your doc. Thou have so many great WIPs. Tweed is neat. The color pop for your chair is wonderful.

  16. Lovely projects. Hope you're feeling better now.


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