Sunday, June 15, 2014

YOP Sunday

Is this Week #50?  Does the new YOP start the first Sunday in July?
 Yesterday was Flag Day here in the U.S. so I finally found my flags and put them out.
 The winding down and starting up of YOP comes at a very busy time for me but then what else is new?  I need to get organized!
In case you missed my earlier blog this's the giraffe........
 I have 2 legs done....2 more to go hopefully today.
 If you haven't heard about my sock it's because I haven't been working on it.  One reason is the birthday's looming.  The other reason is because I dropped some stitches and I didn't know how to pick them up.  Well, yesterday I finally got a chance to go over to my LYS in the next town and Tami, the owner, taught me how to pick up dropped stitches....easy peasy!  Skills are increasing which is a definite goal each year.  So, as soon as I finish all these birthday presents I'll be back on the sock trail.
 Speaking of socks....a book I ordered from the LYS came in.  It is a new sock book by Leisure Arts and I just had to have it!  They look to be all intermediate level so this will be good for my sock skills this coming year.
 I also liked it because most of the patterns have sizes for, women and children.
 My hummers are back!
 Yesterday was a simply PERFECT temps, a breeze and sunshine and blue skies.  Took a nice long hike with the tires them out but it seems to energize me for the rest of the day.

Today is raining and storms, maybe severe tonight so I'm "hunkering down with my weather radio and my knitting and enjoying a cozy Sunday of RnR! Happy Trails! 
Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out know who you are!


  1. Yayy to learning new skills, that is always fun and you will have loads of fun with that book next year. The giraffe is looking really cute.

  2. We don't get hummingbirds, so I am very jealous of you and your feeder!! The giraffe is coming on nicely and it is brilliant to have a lys with help on hand!

  3. Well done for learning new nice
    Beautiful photos ...
    Hugs x

  4. I think the socks in the book are totally do-able. When you run into a roadblock, the nice people at the LYS can clear your way. That's the best way to learn!

  5. Cute socks! I'm still using knitted socks my grandmother made me years ago. She's gone now, but wearing the socks she made me, it's like she's still here. We celebrate Father's Day the 1st Sunday in September here in Australia and in Sweden it's in November... So many dates to remember lol ~Pernilla

  6. You are becoming a yarn should check out Wyoming Breezes on my sidebar Nancy is a knitter of socks and may other things too!

    Hope your weather quieted down, it is raining the cities lots of trees went down because of the wind and saturated soil:(

  7. Haha. Well my friend, you did recently say something about being prepared and ready for storms.
    Maybe you jinxed yourself :)

    Love how sweet that giraffe is.

    I adore the socks you are knitting too.
    Cute, cute patterns.

    I should take up knitting socks.... if only I liked to wear them**heehee***.

    Have a happy week.


  8. Love the flag arrangement, and the cute giraffe is looking good! It is great to hear you are learning a new skill :) You are so lucky having hummingbirds, I would love that!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  9. I love the yarn you are using for the socks. Very pretty.

  10. Congratulations on leveling up! (Why yes, I am a gaming nerd and it appears to be showing). I love the humming bird picture. Growing up in Colorado, we would have hundreds of them. I rarely see them in Minnesota though I wish I did.


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