Saturday, February 1, 2014

Books and Baking.....Food and Friends

I broke down and went to the library yesterday.  I needed to go to the store and the post office and so I decided to stop by the library while I was already "out and about".  I was trying to stay away as I have so many books to read here at home.   I'm SO glad I went as they had Sue Monk Kidd's new book and I've read her others and love her writing.

 Some of you will not believe this but I have never read any of  Jane Austen.  I even have a set of "classics" and none of her books are among them.  I picked up this one and I'm looking forward to reading Miss Jane.
I've been watching this series by Janet Oke on Hallmark on Saturday evenings and love it so I thought I would look into the author and she has written several series that I plan on reading.  I love her style and settings for her books as she was raised in rural Canada in the 30's.  These are the types of stories that are warmhearted like the Mitford books by Jan Karon.  If you read before going to sleep, as I do, these books will give you pleasant dreams for sure yet they keep your interest.
I came upon this one and had to take it home with me too.  It's a journal by a woman raised in New Mexico in the 1800's....a true pioneer woman.  I can't wait to delve into it as I love journals of real people "back in the day".
Wish me luck on the next!  I would be "hurtin' for certain" if I tried that cover pose right off the bat.  I hope there are some easier ones to start off with although it does say "weekend".  Well, if you don't see me on here next week you'll know I'm probably in traction or laying on the floor yelling "Help, help...I've fallen and I can't get up".  Maybe they were doing yoga when they fell? I've always wondered as they sound pretty pitiful.  Should I get "Life Alert" before I try this?
I'm making a 7-day weight loss soup today although I just think it looks healthy and sounds tasty.  I'll let you know.
I'm making hot spinach cheese dip for tomorrow's Superbowl party with me, myself and I.  Whenever there's something to celebrate I give myself carte blanche on the edibles.  
I wanted to make a bunch of other yummy dishes whose recipes I grabbed off the internet and Facebook but I already had done my grocery shopping so I held back.  Maybe I'll try them for Valentine's Day. 
   Last night I worked on the Valentine's Day bookmark for Sewing With Friends...I'm really enjoying getting back into cross stitch especially with smaller, "doable" projects.
Enjoy your Saturday's cozy and raining here....a good night for soup.
And later some tea and peanut butter cookies that I made.
 Happy Trails!


  1. You have some great books ready to read; I read two Jane Austen last year, Emma and Pride and Prejudice. Two of the best novels I have ever read! Currently I am reading Persuasion.
    I will be over tonight for some of your peanut butter cookies, ha ha.

  2. Have you ever read Glass Castle or Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls? Oh, and I will be waiting to hear more about that soup!! I may need the recipe for that!

  3. The peanut butter cookies sure look good! We're going to have chili and cornbread muffins tomorrow night! I can't wait! I went to the library today and got a stack of books. The pioneer lady book sure looks good. I love the Mitford books, too....wish there were more of those. Happy weekend my friend!

  4. I love Janette Oke's book series. I loved it so much I bought up the series via thrift stores and discarded library books. I have the entire set of them. It's one set I refuse to part with. Those cookies look sooooo good.

  5. I've read most of Jane Austen's books just 3-4 years ago. My favorites are Pride and Prejudice, and Sense and Sensibility. I got hooked on reading her books after watching "The Jane Austen Book Club," a movie that was out 8-10 years ago. Enjoy the one you have... you will probably want to read others as well!


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