Friday, June 14, 2013

FOF can you beleive it?

 Just some pretty flowers in an old tin sink.....they're not finished as I hope they keep blooming all summer!
 Finally got the ball band wash cloth off the needles but actually I'm cheating.....I still have ends to weave it but I tucked them underneath so it looked "finished"! LOL!  I'm SO bad!  It's 3 times the work of Grandma's Favorite pattern...maybe more!  But it's twice as thick too.

 I'm not sure if this was all supposed to be needlework but it's my blog so.........ha! ha!  I chalk painted this dresser and milk painted the shelf and sanded and rubbed the antique wax on them.  I was happy with the shelf but not the dresser plus I wanted new hardware but I had sticker shock!  I think it needs a different color with more contrast against the wall but it's good for now.

 I also lined the drawers with scrapbook paper.  I just laid it in there.  So much easier than "the olden days" when we used to struggle with that awful contact paper!
 I'll visit tomorrow as I've been up since 2:30 this morning (long story) and I even did Walmart shopping today....I'm about to fall flat on my face! LOL!  Have a great evening!


  1. Very pretty dishcloth - I am so tempted to make some of those and give up on my sponges. Nice work. Also like your dresser and the shelf paper.

  2. I love your bedroom and the pretty little dresser. Contact paper is my nemesis and I love your idea of just lining it the drawers with paper! Brilliant actually. After the week you have had, I think you should sit down and order Beth Hoffman's new book right now! :)

  3. I've lined my bedside drawers with scrapbook paper too, I agree so much better than contact.

  4. Love the dishcloth, the ballband is one of my favourites. I really love your dresser and shelf and the contrast of the paper inside is just so country chic. Really love it.


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