Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm a shameless immitator...........

I'm trying to organize my blog and postings and projects and LIFE! LOL!  So, I've picked up some great ideas from other bloggers and blogs I admire.....thanks to them I might be getting somewhere finally! Ha! Ha!
#1 - Since I blog mostly at the end of the day there will be a list of accomplishments which will hopefully keep me on task and accountable for my many projects.
#2 - Each day, and thus posting,  will be devoted to some specific area that I am working on therefore if you know that every Tuesday I will blog about recipes and you're not interested then you can just check in on the days where we share an interest.
#3 - I will also be joining groups that reflect my interests and my goals.

Sundays will continue to be my posting for A Year of Projects on Ravelry
Mondays will be..........(Ruth from In My Spare Moments participates in this group and I thank you, Ruth!)

I finished reading the following books:

I bought Solitude many years ago as I was curious about my role as an only child and also that I  had received unfavorable comments about me "wanting my space" and the comments made me feel like there was something wrong with me.  Of course, now I know it is healthy for everyone to have time to themselves but at the time I was worn down and tired and made to feel that EVERYTHING was my fault! LOL! 
I learned some things from the book but it was pretty dry and I have a feeling it was a thesis paper that the author wrote for his PhD in psychology or psychiatry.  There were extreme examples of depression in famous artists, authors and creative people and I notice that there is still the opinion that if you enjoy your own company more than you do others there is something wrong with you.  Oh well! LOL!  I would not recommend this book unless you're a student of psychology.    
Fleece Navidad was so enjoyable although out of season.  I love Maggie Sefton and I am slowly reading the whole series.  It is based on a real yarn shop in Colorado and a wonderful group of gals and guys that are all connected to it in one way or another.  There is always a crime and a mystery to be solved by one of the shops frequent visitor and novice knitter.  There are recipes and yarn patterns in the back of each book and I plan on challenging myself to make them all....someday! LOL!  These are great books and give you a warm and cozy feeling!
My non-fiction read right now is's written by 2 best friends who hit mid-life and decided to celebrate it!  I'm a bit past mid-life but the witty and practical advice they give would be great regardless of what stage of life you are at.  Kathy Kinney was the actress that played "Mimi" on the Drew Carey Show if you ever watched that show on t.v.  I got the book after "liking" them on Facebook and getting their daily "photos" and "witticisms" them!
 My fiction read is..........
I picked this book up at a library book sale because I read The Bobbsey Twin series as a child.  I guess I'm at a age where I am revisiting my childhood! LOL!  This particular book was published in 1918 and someone wrote inside "Bud Cone 3906 2nd Ave So. Minn" .  No, I'm not that old but my Mother would have been about 3 years old at the time.
I also started reading another fiction book as I wasn't sure The Bobbsey Twins would keep my interest for very long at a time plus I've had a set of "classics" I've drug around with me for years that are on my "bucket list for books"...........

This is one of them, Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. 
Another challenge to myself is to read through my magazine collection.  I've stopped subscribing except for a couple but I have plenty to go through!  So now I read a magazine (part of it at least) every evening when I read my books.   I just started this one that came in the mail.

So, if you like books join us and Sheila over at Book Journey

Today's accomplishments were stifled by a 5 hour power outage but I did manage to:
clean up the house
load and unload the dishwasher
take my Enbrel injection
give the dogs their Frontline Plus and Heart Worm medicine
Clean Nitty's ears with the ear wash the vet gave me
watered plants outside
did a load of laundry
emptied all the garbages as tomorrow is Garbage Day
knitted 10 more rows on my I-cord for the chair pads
started a new Granny Square blanket and did 2 squares to test out the pattern (this is really scheduled for my YOP list starting in July but I couldn't wait to try the new yarn and pattern! LOL!)
Blogged and read a few
and the evening is still young!  But of course, Dancing With The Stars is on tonight and Castle!  Toodles!


  1. Queen Of Your Own Life looks interesting and it has such a fun cover!

  2. I love the idea of posting things you've accomplished at the end of the day - although there are many days I feel I get 0 done! Lol - hope you enjoy the books you're reading this week too :-)

  3. I love reading old beautiful books, what a great find! Enjoy your books this week.

    The Monster Report

  4. I just picked up a book by Maggie Sefton too. I have yet to crack it open. I did, however, finish reading "The Great Gatsby."

  5. I love reading and always have a book to hand, usually fiction or reading your reviews, Sam. You have been a busy bee and sound very organised!
    Hope you have a happy week.
    Helen x

  6. I love reading about your busy fun life! I have started back with What Are You Reading Monday--this week in fact and I have been pondering a weekly blog schedule too--that way I can actually write a few up and schedule them ahead of time. This working 40 hours a week gig really eats into my time for fun! I took a little blogging break but am back now at my main blog,
    Page after Page


  7. Wow Sorry I missed this post. Im playing catch up....I love old books! I like the direction your taking your blog in....and you my dear did have a very full busy day!


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