Sunday, February 10, 2013

YOP Update

ATTENTION:  Would "Thinking Out Loud" please send me her email address?  She was the winner of my giveaway last week but she left no email and she evidently has no blog so I have no way of getting a hold of her to tell her she won!  If anyone knows her or sees her out there in Blogland please tell her.  If I don't hear from her by next week I will draw another name.  I kept all the names in the same box I drew hers from, just in case.  No more entries will be accepted.
I haven't gotten much done YOP-wise as I've been struck with "Spring Cleaning" fever....and Spring has come to the Ozarks...I'm pretty sure of it.  The robins have been here for about 2 weeks unless they never left but the true sign of Spring to me are skunks.  I've smelled them and seen a couple dead ones on the road.  That's always been my sure-fire sign of Spring!  Skunks hibernate so when they come out you know Winter is over.  But I did work on a couple things........... 
The turquoise sock is my first one done with a size 9 (it was supposed to be a size 5) needle, Magic Loop style.  The yellow is the first of my second pair, also Magic Loop but with a size 5 needle but with a shorter cord.  The first sock was knitted with a 40" cord.  I thought I was having a problem with my markers but discovered the shorter cord I used was pulling the stitches at "bridge" of the 2 needles.  I noticed I did not have that problem with the first sock where I used the longer cord.  Notice the bottom of the sock and difference between the stitches. I am becoming a knitting "detective"!  Ta Da!

Here's a closer picture of the "problem"....
But the second sock will be knit with these new needles I got from Jimmy Bean's Wool   They're Knitter's Pride needles and you can buy the cord and the needles separately.  The black circles are "stops" which allow you to leave your knitting on the cord and use the needles for a different project or vice-versa if it's just a pair of socks.  See how the cord lies flat and doesn't curl?  My "curling" cord caused me more problems for a new knitter....if you're a novice to knitting on a cord make sure you get a flat "non-curling" cord!
I also picked up some more cotton yarn at Wally World to knit or crochet washcloths.  I was even able to get some red, white and green for Christmas which I grabbed although the picture makes it look more like orange than red..  Can one really start too early making things for Christmas?
 I did work a teeny bit on my cross stitch which I need to finish.
  Hopefully, this week I will get more cleaning done and needlework as there will be no running back and forth to the veterinarian and no giving pills twice a day to Nitty.  For those of you who asked about my sweet girl, thank you so much!  I am thrilled to report that she is doing fabulous!  She has canned and dry Hill's Science diet now, she's taken all her antibiotics and she has stopped itching and licking.  The smell has disappeared and the shedding of "hunks" of hair has stopped!  I don't know who's happier.....her or me! LOL!  She's happy and frisky and back to her old self again....I am so grateful!
Have a great week...Downton Abbey is on tonight and Doc Martin right before so I will catch up with all of your posts tomorrow.  I LOVE Sunday nights! 


  1. I'm a DPN sort, so I can't make any sort of comment on circs, their length or the curliness of their cords. Other to say that I hate them, LOL !

    We're still digging out from the latest blizzard, so we'd welcome any sort of sign of spring ... even skunks!

  2. I posted my first sign of spring today! My Pussy Willow tree is budding! I only knit on circular needles and don't own any straight needles. I use Addi's and even though the cables twist, they are very pliable and easy to move out of the way. Funny the individual preferences we all have. :) I can't help with any sock questions as still? I have not started my first pair yet.

  3. Hi Sam, I think this is the blog for your giveaway winner
    but I don't have an email address, maybe you could leave her a comment.

  4. Good luck with the socks and the winner of the contest. I keep hoping and thinking about spring, but can't say it's helped yet....not giving up though.

  5. Oh spring cleaning...hmmm something I'll put off until the need to do it becomes to much for me to ignore ! Well done on getting the sock done. I was only today reading about the magic loop method but for some monster teddies, it doesn't seem so scary after reading through it perhaps I'll give it a go! No such thing as starting to early for xmas. I've made some cross stitch ornaments already and intend to trick away at little gifts to get ahead.

  6. I'm Thinkin' Out Loud and my e-mail addy is so sorry my computer wouldn't let me post comments on your blog.

    P.S. thx Anita for trying to help me out (^_^)

  7. I can't quite figure out the one needles method, too much of the moving of stitches. I prefer dpn's I am interested in doing two at a time so maybe I need to learn the loop. No spring up here, just got hit with a huge storm called Nemo. Glad other people are seeing some spring!

  8. HI SAM,
    bOY YOU HAVE SURE TURNED INTO A VERY GOOD CRAFTER! Oh dear, caps! You are making all kinds of things. Are you like me? I have been doing a lot of needlework, but keep looking over at my books thinking I want be reading them.Guess thas good, can't get bored.
    I see you showed a whole lot of books.Always good to see and get more ideas on whats good out there.
    Nancy Jo

  9. good to hear that Nitty is getting are getting spring..I am jealous..except for the skunks:)

  10. All that knitting and a cross stitch too.

  11. I saw robins at the bird feeding during the weekend blizzard...I too consider them a sign of spring but we do have a few that winter over...I consider an increase in "road kill" a sign of spring..gross, I know..but when things start waking up for spring..they start getting hit by cars!

    so glad nitty is feeling better..

  12. Looks like your sock knitting is coming along. I do love the look of knitted items but it's just not the right kinda craft for me. I'll stick with crochet ... sure seems so much easier, although I still don't get every single stitch or pattern I try. Glad to hear Nitty is back to her frisky self. Take care and have a great week. Tammy

  13. The new socks look great, they're really coming on! And I know what you mean about spring cleaning fever, me and my boyfriend just cleaned the living room from top to bottom, and he even voluntarily scrubbed the oven!

  14. Another dpn girl here too, though I will magic loop hats occasionally. Not much sign of spring here, more cold weather forecast. Good luck with all your crafting this week!


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