Saturday, November 17, 2012 surprise did not want her picture taken!

But here she is......the newest member of our family!

  I was not intending on getting another cat after my dear Patches died last year but a series of events let me know this cat was meant to come live with us.  I've always said my pets choose me, I don't choose them and it was certainly true in this case! I was outside working on,  guess what,  "caulking" and a friend pulled in the driveway.  She said she was on her way to put up an ad for this cat to be adopted at our local grocery store.  She said for some reason she decided to pull in my driveway.  I said absolutely not as I could not afford any more animals.  She told me that for this particular cat they were waving the adoption fee, having her spayed and all her shots and were throwing in food for a month and a litter box!  I took a look at her picture and she had the same exact coloring that my Patches had.  So, I finally said yes as it was the cost that was keeping me from getting another and also if I traveled I had no one to take care of her.  The dogs always go with me.  Barb, the friend, said  "I will take care of her if you ever need to go out of town" what could I say....she was needing a home so badly and all the doubts and obstacles were overcome!  She was spayed the other day and Dave, from our Animal Rescue organization here in town, even took her back this morning to the vet as he wanted to ensure she was doing okay before I picked her up.  Her name is Missy but I'm not sure how long she's had that name.  She's about 4-6 months old.  Usually I don't like to change their name if they are older and have become used to it but in this case I might.  The problem arises because all my "girls" have names ending in "y" and they get confused when I call them because "Nitty" and "Annie" sound pretty much the same to them.  I've started calling Nitty, "Nit" to alleviate the confusion so another animal with a name ending in "Y" may not be something I want!  Hopefully, I will get better pictures of her but for now she is residing in the messy guest room where she ran after I let her out of her carrier.  She's slept all afternoon pretty much and so I will leave her be in there with her food and water and litter box and maybe tomorrow she'll feel like venturing out.  The poor thing has been through a lot this past month so we'll give her her space and let her come to us when she's ready.  The sad part is, when I brought her in and put her on my bed, Nitty got so excited and was wagging her "stump" of a tail and whining as she thought it was Patches (come back from the dead, I guess!).  I kept telling her it wasn't and of course poor little Missy felt threatened and that's when she bolted to the guest room!  I can't say I blame her but Nitty is so confused....I KNOW she thinks it is her old friend Patches, not that they were ever bosom buddies, but Nitty is friends to everyone even if they don't return the sentiment.
So, that was my exciting news for today.  You'll probably be hearing updates as we move forward with our new little family member and hopefully some better pictures down the road!
Hope you enjoyed your Saturday, it was a gorgeous day here...warm and sunny!  TTYS!    


  1. That IS exciting news to have a new family member.

  2. Aw, what a pretty kitty. Cats don't have a chance around here. The Hubs can't stand cats and Bandit feels the same way. She will be fine as soon as she understands what a great person has adopted her.


  3. Awww...she's settle in soon and have all of you wrapped around her little paw.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. Hi SAM,
    Good girl taking that kitty! I bet she come around and realize she got pretty lucky coming to live with you. Keep us updated.
    Nice blanket grab on its way to the thrift store. It looks real pretty on the bed, and I like the colors.Maybe I should hang around outside my thrift store and help people out by taking the things off their hands.I like to help people.
    Now I see you are starting another craft. Like I always say you really do keep busy. Which is a very good thing.
    Going to the store yet again today and pick up a few more things for Thanksgiving,thought if I went this morning the stores wouldn't be toooooo crazy.
    Did you name the kitty? Pilgrim would be a nice name. It is Thanksgiving season. You could call her pill.
    Nancy Jo

  5. Congrats on the new furbaby!! Our Jynx chose us!!! Hugs Sam!

  6. Best of luck with your newest family member..poor Nitty..trying to be welcoming:)


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