Friday, July 20, 2012

Cleaning and clearing...............

I got busy today cleaning the guest room but I forgot to take a "before" picture of the closet. Trust me it was "full to the gills"!  I remembered about  halfway through.  I have guests coming but so far I haven't heard a date.  Not a peep since they said they were coming.   It's harvest season....I could be putting up tomatoes and all kinds of things but I'm putting it off because "I have company coming".  Trust me...if they don't show up I won't be entertaining any "company" ever again.  I didn't have a garden but I could be supporting the farmer's market.  Not that my house and guest room couldn't use a  good sprucing up but when you're a "farmer" there are priorities! LOL!  Oh well, company is worth more than all the veggies in the world.  But only if they show up! LOL!

I got it cleaned out and stored some of my canning supplies  in it so they're handy in case the "company" doesn't show up! LOL!
I cleaned this dresser but the drawers are filled with linens but I can remove them if "company" arrives.  I still have more to do but there was other "chores" today and knitting too!  I'll be back!
Hope you had a great of the best days of the week! 


  1. Well, I hope your company does show up. Nothing worse than when folks say they are coming and either they are really late or don't show up at all. How about you call and say "hey, you coming or not?" Cleaning and clearing almost was gonna be a post title for me recently; but though I've done some cleaning, I haven't really done a lot of clearing yet. Much needed though. Have a super Saturday. Tammy

  2. There are definitely priorities!!! Our tomatoes are starting to turn. We did go to the farmers market this morning. I got a lovely throw rug made by some church ladies, we got some yellow wax beans as a gift for Jim's Grandma (tomorrow is her birthday), we got an eggplant, some local honey and some local ground beef. I am starting to clean now. I hope the company comes and I hope Saturday is going well!!

  3. I know what you mean about putting up stock. I didn't set up today at the Farmer's Market due to taking over the goat milking and having other responsibilities. I missed out on good sales, but the goat has to be milked.

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