Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wishful Wednesday.....wishing I had some energy! LOL!

It's been a lazy day.  I think I wore myself out yesterday...that's me...every other day I have energy.  But I've been doing mundane tasks too which I'm sure you're not interested in hearing about.  I did manage to finally get the notebooks for my patterns and lists I told you about last week.   I got these for a little over $2 at the Dollar General.  I didn't want the "class schedule" on the front but I noticed it was in a plastic sleeve so I removed it.  Then I got to thinking that I could replace it with something prettier....hmmmm.   So I dug through my scrapbooking papers and found these.
I'm not even a scrap booker but the pretty papers begged me to buy them....I'd find a use for them later and I did!  Not only was there the plastic sleeve on the front but there was one on the back too.  I trimmed 2 matching sheets of paper for each notebook and VOILA!

Much prettier now aren't they?  Then I got on the PC and printed off labels for the spines of the notebooks. 
Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to use to glue the paper onto the plastic.  I thought I had some E6000 craft glue but I couldn't find it.  Does anyone know what will work to glue paper to plastic?  Can you tell I don't craft too much?  I'm trying though!  Or should I use something else to label the spines with?  Any info would be appreciated.  I have one notebook for book lists.  Here's an example of Marion Chesney from Wikepedia.  She's M.C.Beaton and writes an English mystery series staring Agatha Raisin.  It lists a brief biography, all her books separated by series and all her series in order.  I do this with all series books that I want to read.   I also have an ongoing list of books I want to read.

One for crochet instructions..........

and one for knitting patterns.............

As you can see, without labels they're going to be hard to distinguish so I'll need to get labels affixed somehow.  I have a label maker but I don't care for the looks of it but if necessary that's what I'll use.
Hope you had a more productive day than me!  I'm going to try and do some baking this evening but we'll see who wins out; my tiredness or my sweet tooth! LOL!  Happy Wednesday! 


  1. HI sAM,
    Well I WOULD SAY FOR A LOW ENERGY DAY YOU DID PRETTY GOOD. tHE NOTEBOOKS CAME OUT REALLY NICE, SEE HOW CLEVER YOU ARE? Now me not so much, as you can see I was typing all in caps. Guess I'm the one who is tired.
    I find that thing about every other day is about right. Not sure what causes that, but I just go with it.Like I have a choice.
    Bought lots of plants today, and got a whole lot done today. So I guess tomorrow won't be so good. ha.
    Well off I go, take a shower and do some reading.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Afternoon :)

    Love the way the notebooks turned out. Amazing what a little scrap-book paper can do!

    I used my label maker for some of my notebooks, and on others, there was a little sleeve on the binding that I could use to insert the label.

    Have you heard of
    Our daughter loves it!
    You can keep a list of books that you want to read, buy second hand books, and some books are free.
    Plus there's reviews to read... etc.. etc..

    Catch ya later gater :)

  3. Great notebooks they are something you always need. Not sure about the type of glue to use, unless double sided tape works for you. I use that on my card making.
    Glad you are joining in the giveaway.
    Now have a sit down with a cuppa.
    best wishes Julie.C

  4. I feel like I've been low on energy for the past couple of weeks now. I started off the week right with a big cleaning on Sunday after school but then that was that and I haven't done much since. It's the weekend again so I must try to accomplish something -- cleaning and crochet-wise. I bought notebooks weeks ago so that i could get organized and they are still sitting on the floor here in the tv room. I've done nothing. That scrapbook paper certainly did wonders for the front of your notebooks. Not sure about gluing to plastic. What about mod podge? Works on glass. Have a great day. Tammy


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