Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Spin.......and not the political type either!

Good morning!  I want to share a very special and talented group with you today.  These gals are diva's in the blogosphere.  First is a young, stay at home Mom who does things with fabric that are so gorgeous.  She is Maureen Cracknell  of Maureen Cracknell Handmade.    She does marvelous things with fabric and also features new internet fabric shops that are carrying the latest quality fabrics and designers. And did I mention  she likes color?

She's so creative and  has her own shop on her website and makes many custom items like her famous "crowns" and pillows.......or even a crown pillow

 One of her latest projects were some beautiful aprons she made for the women of Haiti.  How she manages a family, webshop, children, blog and then make for charity too is amazing but she does!  There are directions on her website on how to make Aprons for Haiti and where to send them etc. if you're interested.
 Maureen also has drawings for fabric weekly on her site from her many sponsors.  If you're looking to make an income from your blog this woman would be a great role model!  On top of that she replies to your busy as she is she finds the time.  She is not only extremely talented but kind and selfless too.   Thanks for being YOU, Maureen and continued success in all you do!
Next on our Sunday drive is Posie Gets Cozy  which is Alicia Paulson a woman who "likes to create things" and create she does!  She and her husband, a corgi and 2 cats live in Portland, Oregon and have the coziest home and lifestyle.  She knits and crochets beautifully............

She abounds with great ideas for making the most mundane tasks special and meaningful...........below she took pictures of their favorite recipes and then affixed them to the back of the recipe card and then laminated them for posterity....just the very favorite ones.  I need to do that!  She made it special and insured they were the right size cards and found a special box to hold them.....she turned it into a meaningful ritual which is part of the secret to "living in the moment". We need more people like Alicia to show us the way.

Speaking is one of her beautiful meals.........
Like I said, Alicia Paulson is well-known and I certainly didn't do her justice in these few pictures.  She has the most beautiful embroidery in either a downloadable pdf or a kit you can purchase.  Also, a great tote and a crocheted baby blanket.  Trust will adore her blog....I do!

Moving along down the road now we run into Susan from  Homeroad   Susan is a teacher, mother of 4 girls and wife and an unbelievable DIY'er!  She's amazing!!  I swear, this gal could take a roll of toilet paper and turn it into something pretty and practical.  She makes me tired just looking at all she accomplishes!  But at the same time she is truly inspiring and motivating!  When money is tight for people she shows us that you can make beauty out of the humblest materials.  Take a look........before........
and after............Woo Hoo...would you look at that?  I barely recognized it!  Didn't I tell you this woman is AMAZING?!?!?!

She makes me speechless with her talent and that takes a lot!  Those of you who know me will agree! LOL!

Stop by and visit these divas of the blogging community and I'm sure you will be overwhelmed with inspiration and happiness as I am every time I visit them!

Have a wonderful, restful and renewing Sunday.  Thank you all for your comments...they mean so much to me!  I have met some wonderful people through this blog and I hope to meet many more.


  1. So nice of you to share these lovely blogs.


  2. I love Alicia's blog but have not been to the other two so will have to visit soon ... when I find time. :) Tomorrow for sure. But right now it is bedtime. Phooey! Goodnite! Tammy

  3. Thanks for sharing these blogs. They are very nice.

  4. Sam
    These are some really talented ladies! I'll have to hop over to visit them soon.

  5. Woohoo, what a great shout~out for these wonderful bloggers!!!

    I do so enjoy meetin' new folks!

    Tanks for the heads~up girl.

    God bless ya and have a magnificent week sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Good Morning :)
    Looks like 3 terrific blogs! I've never read them, but I'm going to make a visit to them now.

    I love the recipe card idea. Awesome!!

    Hope this is a great week for you!!

    Warm wishes..


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