Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday afternoon spin around the countryside............

Today we're going to visit some very adventuresome gals who lead very interesting lives in my opinion.  I sometimes live vicariously through them.  The first one is Kimberly at  Camp and Cottage Living  blog and right at this very moment she is on an adventure that I wish I was on.......she's on her way to the Yukon!
Below is where she is leaving...her beautiful home on Lake Superior in Canada.

Yes, that is her view from her house.  Isn't it magnificent?  She's also a fantastic decorator and I love her cozy style.  She has the cutest laundry room I've ever seen!

 But she and her husband have left their home for adventure in the last frontier!  Right now is Day 4 on their journey so stop by her blog and wish her well and follow her as she begins her new life and home making in the beautiful, wild Yukon below.

 Up next is another gal who, with her husband and 2 sweet canine boys, Pan and Kalen, have retired to Alaska.  They have a beautiful home on the water with mountains in the distance.  Her blog is aptly named Retired in Alaska  

Her name is Nan and these are her 2 handsome boys, Pan and Kalen but I'm not sure which is which so forgive me but aren't they just the sweetest?  Look at those faces and those eyes just make you melt!
Below is some of the wonderful wildlife they have in their "back yard".  At first I thought it was a painting it was so beautiful but Nan took this photo herself.  I have never seen a pheasant with such beautiful plumage.

Here's the "town moose"! LOL!
Nan is also a very accomplished seamstress making very intricate and tailored suits and jackets and dresses.  

Here's one of her gorgeous creations......

Isn't she something?  I told you!  Stop by her blog and see all kinds of interesting features and pictures of her life in Alaska and if any of us have sewing questions I think we know where to go now!  Just kidding Nan!

Last but not least, as I like to say, is a gal who lives all the way on the other side of the world in New South Wales which is either New Zealand or Australia I'm still not sure about that one but they call it NSW .   In fact they are having their Fall now and getting in the last of their garden while I'm just starting!  Strange but true!
 Her name is Jodie and her blog is called Jellywares 
She is married and has 2 little girls who are just the cutest.  They live on a sheep ranch and listen to what all she does....she homeschools, gardens, cans, crochets, sews, knits beautifully and has her own yarn shop in town...oh, and she also cooks up delicious looking, yummy things!
Here's Jodie modeling some of the lovely items she creates.

Makes her own bread.........

Gardens, with the help of the girls!

Here she is with her darling daughters........

Below is a miniature helicopter...a gyrocopter?  It's used for rounding up the sheep...they obviously have a lot of sheep and a big ranch!

These are those beautiful Queen Anne's Lace scarves she makes from the beautiful yarns in her shop.

If you want to do a little "armchair" traveling these are the gals to visit and tell them I said "hello"!  Have a quiet afternoon and I hope I do too as they are predicting violent weather for later!  TTYS!  I hope....if I don't get blown away!


  1. These are such interesting ladies to visit, thanks for the introduction!

  2. Ohh look at Pan and Kalen.. so sweet eyes... How innocent they are....

  3. Nan's pups sure are precious! I have actually visited all these ladies at some time or another. Hope the weather has calmed down. Have a good week. Tammy


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