Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday! Just found out I'm having company! Uh oh!

    It's a "love/hate" relationship between me and entertaining.  I love people and I love entertaining with great homemade goodies for them and want a cozy welcoming feel to my home BUT I'm also clearing and cleaning not realizing I was going to have company and I've made a mess of things!  I know...what else is new? LOL!
But, my friend Lucy had company for her daughter's birthday party and she just went around and boxed up everything that didn't belong and sent it to another part of the house! Brilliant I tell you!  Brilliant!
So, I will still be busy this week but I feel like I can do this!  Please tell me I can?!?!  I've gotten so used to going at my own pace (which is similar to a snail) and I've been happy and healthy that way now for quite awhile so we'll see if I can speed up at least a little so that I can welcome my guests and make them feel "at home".
BTW, I never really get to the stage where I invite people I just always say they're welcome here and sometimes they take me up on it!  I'm excited...nervous, but excited. 
I did manage to do some laundry yesterday and changed the sheets and today I'm making pecan encrusted chicken, a recipe from Aunt Nubby's Kitchen or I could make her chicken  enchiladas she featured yesterday?  She has such great, simple and delicious that gal!  I have more laundry to do and hangout, ironing and of course packing up "stuff" and readying the guest room.  I tend to use that room as a catchall. 
I did get some crocheting done over the weekend though and yesterday when my legs were too tired to keep going I sat down and watched a movie that was on t.v. with Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez called An Unfinished Life.  It was very good.  Above is the bottom of the basket I am making to hold all my yarn.  I only have 3 rows left to go before I start going up the sides.  I had to deviate from the pattern that I was using.  I think if it turns out I may write my first tutorial!  I am so excited because it is actually turning out better than I expected and my way is easier, I think.  But, we'll see when it's all done how it turns out.  The basket bottom I can't watch t.v. when I'm doing because you have to count and I lose track really easy but the ripple throw that I started is "t.v. friendly and addictive!  Once I pick it up I have a hard time stopping! LOL!  I have yarn coming for the Granny Stripe too and it is just as addictive.  Once I make this throw size if I like it I will make a blanket for my bed out of Merino washable wool which is very soft.  I was going to make a cotton one but Lucy from Attic24 said they are too heavy.  Who knew?  Thanks for that tip Lucy as it would have been an expensive mistake!
So, I'm off to prepare for an Easter with my son and grandson that I haven't seen in 2 years!  Pretty exciting!  Oh, and my little, almost 4 year old, grandson loves snakes so I think I will try to make a plastic egg snake that Anita had instructions for over on her site....Aunt Nubby's Kitchen.   Yes, she has other great ideas in addition to her great recipes! 
If anyone has any tips for prepping for company with only 4 days to do it please let me know!  I am very open to suggestions.  Anita, do you have any recipes for a SUPER energy drink? LOL!  Have a great Monday everyone! 


  1. Oh my you do have a lot to do in 4 days, but how exciting to have your son and little grandson visiting! Yes, I do have a drink for you! Make yourself a batch of Sober Sangria, I just love it, and it's pretty for company and family friendly!

  2. Those recipes sound delish!!!! You can do it. Boxing it up seems like the best way. We are having Easter here on Saturday and my kitchen is a greenhouse right now. We are short on counterspace to start with, not sure what we are going to do now. We'll manage, perhaps the plants can to the south facing window upstairs. Take a deep breath, have some of Anita's sober Sangria and you will be fine!

  3. Wow, you do have a busy schedule. Enjoy!

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