Friday, March 2, 2012


I've been noticing how some bloggers have special posts for certain days and I can see where that comes in handy for organizing your posts so I'm thinking I  might start that...TODAY! No time like the present!  Thursday will now be my Thrift store purchases or any bargain I think suitable for posting or maybe even helpful hints for being thrifty.  I'd call it Bargain something but there is no day that starts with "B"....I might be limiting myself here but for now we'll run with it.
Of course, having been at The Frugal Fox consignment store didn't hurt when she had things at 35% off in the last days.  I snarfed up a lot of things I'd had my eye on!  This red bench was one of them.  I haven't cleaned it up yet or even found a place for it yet but that's okay....I will!

This was a picture I got at Wally World and no, I wasn't looking for a picture but I "fell in love" with it and of course rationalized why I needed it and it was on the "bargain" aisle...need I say more?

This is another "treasure" from the sale at "the Fox"....a Willie Ray folk art "thingamagig"...of course a casting from their original wood carved ones.  I love their pieces but have never owned know, practical me...what use does it have?  None really but I love the Willie Ray story as they were a product of the 60's I think and were a young couple maybe even living off the grid but they were determined to make it with their own 2 hands and make it they did!  I may not have all the facts straight on this as I read about them years ago but that's what stuck with me.  I think they're old me! LOL!

And finally these 3 treasures ....2 crocheted placemat size doilies and a little red box with some really strange looking birds and a gold star painted on it.  Oh, did I tell you I'm a sucker for anything with stars on it.  there's more but since the Fox is now closed I'll have to string this out awhile until I find another "source" for bargains and thrifting.  I've got a few leads but they all involve gasoline and lots of it! 

P.S.  Okay....just realized IT"S FRIDAY TODAY!!!!  Oh boy.........someone please help me! LOL!


  1. Love your finds! I need to organize my blog too! I like your Thrifty Thursday idea. I'm trying to figure out how to link up with people in an organized way... this blogging is like a part time job, but I love it!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. Thursday/Friday same difference. Kinda :)
    Good scores. Don't you just love finding bargains that you "fall in love with"?

  3. Sam
    Love your new treasures. It's to shop on the cheap!
    I like your idea of having a weekly feature. It would make blogging easier, for sure.

  4. Confused..I have been on the wrong day lots of times! Love that bench..I like little boxes too..:)

  5. I think Thrifty Thursday sounds gref at...even on Friday. LOL! Good to know you like stars. That red bench is wonderful.


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